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      ONCE again we were honoured to have the entire wheel chair mob at the sunny end ( four ) only one and it was not the sinker was in a destructive mood  that of course was fruit loops ( the sinkers apprentice ) sorry didn’t cut it with a split hull and sinking fast riggo  was brought to the hard and retrieved  many many hours will be required to repair this boootiful boat  we also had the pleasure of Mrs Dave   who gave fruit loops a lesson on who gives way  sail or motor  don’t think it sunk in   lots of sails lots of putt putts made this day a tad special  A special treat was kermiTs brother riding in the back of sinker 11….. that was a surprise  A superb BBQ at the end of sailing  finished  a top day

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      Another great day at the canal, high tide, no weed and a gentle breeze.

      Kermit, good video, well the first minute at least. Must be getting desperate for content, filming seagulls, what happened to the ducks?

      Predator, great video as always, but the way you rescued Kermit I’m a bit worried about my “Sinker” title. I’ve never got that much water into one of Kermit’s boats!

      My video,


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      I DID REPLY TO your video but it was on the utube part  buggar it took me hours to think the reply up  up  so here we go again  first I thank the honourable sinker for his donation to saving the green tree frog in no way do I think that this is a cretic bribe.  Absolutely brilliant video at long last true content it has action  humour people  the hallmark for a outstanding video   which MR SINKER  this is  Watching my videos for so long and attending TOP GUN VIDEO CLASSES you have gained the knowledge  that makes your video show out from others …….truly an outstanding video   .

      KERMIT LA FROG  manager /director  TOP GUN VIDEO SCHOOL  for dummies

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        Kermit, as I have said before, I couldn’t have done it without your “TOP GUN VIDEO SCHOOL” lessons.

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      HERE S THE REASON PREDATOR is the best  From star treks light jump to trolling along side pink bits were in the boat with the captain I almost got sea sick it was so real  these new cameras open up far more than a ordinary camera can and with these two  MR SINKER and PREDATOR  Tassie has the best videographers   if not Australia

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