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        On launch, the motor dies and Razor dives to ground. The plane is in stabilised mode, all controls tested and working with the motor cutting out during hand launch. Initially thought to be battery with insufficient charge. With a substitute battery fully charged the motor again cut out during launch. Subsequent in hand testing without throw shows the motor on full p0wer cuts out in approx 1 sec.

        Any ideas on cause and or remedy would be appreciated. Dave W.

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        Only thing I can suggest is next time we fly let Gerald have a look he seems to be the expert on Razors


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        Dave, there is a possibility we have set one of the ESC parameters wrong, perhaps the battery type is set to LiPo instead of NICb/NiMH or the cutoff voltage is set incorrect.

        I reckon if we fully recalibrate the ESC now that we have the correct instructions your problem may well go away.

        There is a possibility we will be flying Saturday or Sunday but if not bring it to sailing Saturday & we can have a look at the settings.

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        I agree with Mike, could be one of the settings, there is also a option on the flight controller for the type of battery we can also check that.

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          YES I ALSO AGREE with the other two  but i would also look at the propeller does it come from china   those buggars are out to stop your fun at any cost  lastly is the radio thingi turned on   it should go  beep beep if it goes blurb blurb  there’s  possibly  something wrong ……………………………just say’n

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