RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 MR MOOSE FUNERAL TIME


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      FELLOW FLYERS / SAILORS AND MATES OF OUR  MR MOOSE     THE  day is Monday the Time is 12 :30  Place WHITE LADY  address  LETITA ST  north hobart  the funeral will be live streamed  if someone knows hoppys number can you call him  for the stream  see you there    (if you have the paper just check the time  Im sure its right though )

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        Thanks for keeping us informed Kermit. He will be sorely missed at the Pontoon as well as on line.

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        Thanks for the info Kermit unfortunately have kid minding duties  up north be back Wed.

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        Hi all,

        Does anyone know yet when Moose’s funeral is?

        I couldn’t see anything in the paper today, and we tried ringing White Lady Funeral home, but they don’t have a funeral today for any Ian “Moose” (don’t know last name)


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        White Lady Funerals phoned me back and said Mr Moose’s funeral is today at 12:30 at LETITA ST  North Hobart.  The lady we spoke to this morning had just come back from leave and wasn’t aware of a funeral today when we spoke to her earlier.

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        My attendance must be virtual today….my doctor requires my actual presence! See you online…..

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