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      As the first “foreign” pilot to fly out of “Toad Hall” airstrip I thought it only fitting that I report on the findings.

      Given that I was a “guest” pilot there were no landing/takeoff fees payable however I felt obligated to make a sizeable donation to Kermit’s “Save the Green Tree Frog” charity, especially given the amount of their habitat he demolished removed to clear the multiple runways.

      The airstrip is situated within easy walking distance of Toad Hall (Kermit’s abode) so he can just toddle over there any time he feels the urge.

      The cleared runways are quite serviceable (provided you use Tundra style wheels) so getting airborne is quite easy. Flying about not so.  In between the pair of murderous resident plovers and the multiple trees you need to keep your wits about you at all times. There was only one “Walk of Shame” today and the pilot shall remain nameless however the plane did have a green tail and the video camera never lies.

      Landing is another story all together, unless you wish to approach through a small gap between two rather tall trees you generally need to land with the wind rather than into it.

      Oh and did I mention the airstrip sits atop a rather tall cliff and the updraughts are interesting to say the least.

      Overall a great spot to fly & I can’t wait to do it all again, just next time I won’t try and land the Osprey with a tailwind (even in VTOL mode). Luckily no damage to speak of and she is good to fly again.

      We should have some great videos today but they may take a while to edit as we were shooting with around 5 cameras between us today.

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      And who got the prize for being first in a tree?

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      As its our tree its only fair that I kermit la frog take that title before UNCLE G  has a go for it..  ok…  Would you beleave I  flew into it on purpose   …………………….just say’n

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      Very entertaining gentlemen. I can’t wait for the official outing when the whole gang is there.

      Hey Kermit, is your neighbour OK with planes flying around so close to his property or is it a no-go area in that direction?

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      HALLO gadget man ol son  yep  hes fine with it we dont deliberately fly over the house  but sometimes the upper wind just grabs ya  an were still working out the best way to fly this area   (high vs low )  etc he has two bloady big dogs as big as a small cow fair crack of the whip I would hate one of en step’n on me toes  but he put them in the pen while we flew  so that was good  as I said before its a tight area very difficult with so many trees  for that reason I recon  only one at a time to be in the air ………………..ok

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      Good to see you entertaining my pet Plover’s I sent over.

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