RC BOATING HI SPEED BOATS Builds Hi Speed Electric Mystic 29 Offshore Cat rebuild

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      It’s amazing just how much work you can get done when you don’t go out flying several times a week!!

      Way back in 2013 I managed to collect the old jetty @ the Canal with my Mystic 29 Offshore Cat. It was only doing around 80kph at the time but the damage was rather significant.

      How it looked in Nov 2013

      Now here we are 9 years later and apart from a generous coating of dust it still looks the same so I thought it about time to repair the damage and get my first ever Hi-Speed RC boat back in the water.

      September 2022

      Repairs finally (after almost 9 years) under way

      That’s got it back to its original shape at least, now to give the epoxy a day or so to dry completely and then the repairs proper can start.



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      Well I dun know pred you cant scream the water ways down at the wheel chair mobs turf  your not old enough  so I guess the sunny patch will have all the fun watching the racer  looking forward to it

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        Could be a little while yet, after all its taken 9 years to get this far!!

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