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      AS THE START OF MY VIDEO EFFORT shows the Sinker racing back to his end of the canal after a vicious attack on my boat With no wind to get away he had his way on my helpless vessel …..oh well  its in his nature I guess  Now on to a more satisfying event WE started what could be a new addition to our pleasure  in that I mean racing  some rules like don’t get caught cheating  or I did go past the buoy /girl   ETC  you get the idea   We executed the first trial of this new program  with stunning success with  two wins by andrew and one each by  Miss Georgie and the Admiral  second an third don’t count  because they didn’t get first  EASY PEAZY ay   we even have a starting hooter an a count downer  god damn we’re modern  as with our “free to do as we wish” group this is a program for individuals to elect on the day to do  but I must admit it was fun   Capt Pete was missing in action as was China  and Moo ……oh no he was there   I didn’t recognise him without his multi coloured braces  CAPT PUGWASH put in a fine performance with consistent places in the front  similarly Moo did it …..but in Reverse  arhhhhh the kid try’s  Several members tried to win by going cross country but  they forgot boats only work on water   they were eventually returned to the water  No wind Some wind an buggar all wind is what transpired on the canals water today an it was flamin cold to  but ………….it was fun ay ………………….just sayn

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      God dam we’re modern

      with our “free to do as we wish” group

      sorry the floaters have the word free wrong

      a meeting soon of the wheel chair mob will determine the cost of buoy/girl rental

      But anyways

      just saying

      hey where’s sinkers vid


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      oh dear  the sinkers apprentice has found the keyboard to his computer  and with a few presses with his pinky has or wants to have a go at our friendly free sailing group  floaters ie charging us for the use of  bouys /girls  ..remember this is a liberated world now so there is no buoy its buoy / girl or now undecided ” he” fruity will have a meeting with the wheelchair mob to extract money from us the floaters for the use of the undecided  In order for this meeting to take place please in advance get the dears to grease up their wheelchairs we can hear em way up our end trying to move  an so they know what their voting on get em all batteries  No not for their chairs… hearing aid batteries you wanna get past the lip reading stage  an black boards OPPS  white boards  get em into the Now world poor dears  BUT FRUITY  a word of caution if I may  YA  really wanna do this …punk    (dirty harry movie )  the oldies might not know that movie  . with aggression comes  defence and then retaliation  ie sabotage / wheel chairs stuck in mud  string stretched across the track chewy gum left on benches incontinence diaper bins removed  etc  so think seriously about   your proposed violation of freedom of the  canal waters ……. left over  soiled incontinence diapers all over the wheel chair site ..emmmmm…………….JUST SAYN

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