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      I HAVE MY putt putt ready  just waiting for the wind to die a tad

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        Will it land at my place?

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          well dear boy it wont be me for I have flown it late today  windy  but do able  I had a camera on board  but you guessed it only ground setting up was recorded before it died flat battery if the wearher is fair tomorrow  I will do it again

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          I will keep an eye out tomorrow then

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      You need music for drone videos or even better some meaningful commentary! Looks flyable but let’s have a vote on who we think will end up in a tree first.

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        Mighty fine bit of flying there Kermit, I can’t believe you didn’t clean up even one tree.

        Well done.

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        Nice water backdrop to the new field.

        Could be a bit tight for some of our more senior pilots though!!

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          yep well  UNCLE G  might have to give this one a miss then ay

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          Might have to fit some floats to the wheelchair, just in case it rolls down the hill!

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          you said it

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      I want to know how come you took off in a straight line both times, you can’t do that at the other field?

      The view from the other side! (sorry about the heat haze)

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      GOD DAMN BOY  that was fantastic   how the hell you were able to be viewing at the time I was out doin it

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        Heat detecting technology.

        I had to edit out the bit before when you was inside your house.

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      thank god for that

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