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      Just happened to be in the right place at the right time when a lovely gentleman was looking for a new home to donate his RC yacht to. Never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I readily accepted.

      The yacht, which is in immaculate condition and built with all the best IOM components including an RMG 280ES sailwinch, appeared to be an IOM fitted with a B rig & whilst the rig indeed measures as an IOM “B” the hull is 60mm too long by my calculations (1060mm rather than 1000mm).

      It was fitted with a 26mhz AM radio that didn’t appear to control the RMG winch but worked the rudder OK so it was promptly removed and replaced with a 2.4ghz Turnigy Rx to connect with my usual yachting radio. That and a new battery soon had all working as it should and ready for a test sail this weekend.

      Being a gifted rather than a built or rebuild boat that I had spent considerable time on, I didn’t have a name at hand, and we all know boats MUST have names, but after a bit of head scratching “Imposter” was deemed appropriateĀ  and it was shorter than my first choice “Knot’n’IOM” .

      Anyway hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day & “Imposter” will sail well. I’ll try this week with its supplied “B” rig and if all goes to plan I’ll put my “A” rig (from Wedgie) on next outing.

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