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      TOP DAY  at the canal today  mudflats did his thing with superb skill  gently caressing the mudflats until he was as one.  Others joined the leader to the flats in their own time with the exception of the green team  who sailed the river as if it owned it   As to the title of today’s post  the Moose must still be in Canada  doing the rutting thing ( antler cleaning  )  because he wasn’t with us  but as a proxy we had Tony  he’s build like Moose so I guess until the real Mooose turns up   Tony Mooose MK 2 is it. Bad angel arrived with his 65 and sailed very smartly for a young fella.  Predator with his new 65 showed the others how to sail (not me because I can ). Top Gun UNCLE G  arrived without a craft but his mere presence sent fear into Pete ( pink bits) with or without a boat he radiates perfection  ol pinkie went to the mudflats  could have been while UNCLE G  was there.  Today’s theme should have been “watch me go to the hard”, every one did except me of course  SOOOO  Nice day bit cold overcast  but it didn’t stop the BBQ for the days fun to pass








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      Another mighty fine report there Kermit, albeit a bit short on facts as usual !!.

      Here are a few more pics from todays sailing.




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      Excellent pictures as usual pred …….. for the life of me  though I cant think of any other facts worth reporting as you implied  I did the usual in depth reporting  with out bias   no one was left out  THERE ARE NO OTHER FACTS  BUGGAR caps left on

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      Well documented guys.  It seems the weed is back!!

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