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      A nice warm sunny day for playing with boats, another good turn out Marine Modellers but couldn’t see any of the “Bloaters” up the other end.

      Tested out the Cougar Cat,

      Floated nicely on the water line with no leaks. Did a few slow speed runs up and down the canal but then I managed to burn out the Flight Controller.

      Oh well, back to the drawing board.

      Short video of the huge petrol powered work boat.

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      That is one great looking and sounding boat. Happy New Year to all.

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        Good to hear from you Tugboat, and yes it does sound nice.

        Happy New Year!

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      NO FLOATERS   yep thats because we are still able to consume beer and stay up late an party  we at the sunny end are still getting over the new years party Now the wheel chair mob who cant drink the nectar of the gods  stay up till all hours let alone party  are able to partake in early morning putt putting BECAUSE kick out time from their care centres revolve around the meds time and bed changing times so what else can they do ? No we dont apoligize about not sailing today ………………… Im going back to bed

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      One question to Uncle G; the boat looks great but why do you need a flight controller?

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        Hoppy, The flight controller will be programmed to seek and destroy green yachts.

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      hoppy dear boy it was to be a flying boat

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      WELL THE NEW YEAR HAS JUST BEGUN AND who has started the first punch up but the leader of the wheel chair mob and honorery member of the white cane mob  UNCLE G    A NEW BOAT TO HUNT US DOWN programed to hunt and sink   ok bring it on  GERALD

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        What do you mean “US” There is only “ONE” skipper with green yachts.

        Oh, That’s right, it doesn’t matter anyway because you can’t get out of bed so you will be safe.

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