RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 New Years Eve 2021 fly

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      We had a good turn out today and even Ross came along for pro video work. Kermit was awarded the annual Golden Moose Award and was in tears, as was Gerald who should have won but was robbed. There was some wind and thermals but the major problem was the strip needs a mow so was hard to take off with many planes. I have 3 videos today. First here is of my F16 Fighting Falcon or Viper with #32 cam:



      Next is my cloud AXN floater jet with #32 keychain cam:



      And last is my Eyas Eagles with mini mobius cam:






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      No “About the Field” video from me today, we had Ross & Kermit on their respective video cameras so I took the opportunity to get a bit of extra flying in today.

      I had the 2 metre Prowler FPV plane with its new Low Profile Pan/Tilt gimbal finally printed & installed. This was the first flights with the low profile gimbal but it seems much more stable than the original gimbal I was using.  Still need to change how the camera mounts on it as the velcro still allows the camera to move round a bit.

      Also had a couple of flights with the retro Das UglyStik (no video – I think Kermit got some) and a couple with the AR Wing


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        Another fine production Mr Kermit.

        Happy New Year to all.

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        I agree, a great video by Kermit, a deserving winner of the 2021 GMA!

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      THE GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD   I thank the honerable members for their votes  I shall polish the trophy with loving care and trust next year  the competition will be close as it was this year 2021 AT TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL we hold video classes ……  for a small fee So get taught by the best ME  as voted by the ones who try…… DISCOUNTS GO TO PENSIONERS if they have a note from their num   REGARDS KERMIT LA FROG….. winner of the GMA

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      Thank you pred and uncle g   I did notice that rascally hoppy stirring the pot with the comment I was in tears and uncle g was too as he was robbed…….. well if uncle g had paid just a wee tad more he woulda won …………….JUST SAY’N

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      Congratulations Kermit for being the inaugural recipient of the perpetual GMA.  Well deserved for your excellent video skills (no, I don’t want anything).

      Corona virus tests came back negative so I’m looking forward to the next fly date that I can attend.

      Happy New Year everyone!

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      My stuff:

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      ya gotta laugh ay  or in my case cry the  skysurfer has had the engine angled up so a test flight will tell if i have that right  well done bad angel nice video

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