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      A most unsual day sailing ..why?  because the sinker didnt come to the sunny end to grab someones controller so he could sail  its become the norm nowadays , predator an I sailed for a few hours then went to TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOLS flying field to test the plovers endurance  we won… sorta ..  up top was rough wind and at tree level twirley winds around the trees made it a real fun day this is the way this field will play out  except on real fine days  I think  STANDARD LANDING FEES AND TAKE OFF’S  are at a fixed rate  discounts are available to real ol fellas like UNCLE G   if he has a note from his grandmother and her decendants this is a tricky field so I recon  it can be used for test flying new aircraft and to test skills which will exclude UNCLE G  ………………………………….just say’n

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