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      TODAY WE NEEDED THE MOOSE…. why…… there was no wind… where else is wind  why from the moose ofcouse  but with a no show from the fur coat we the floaters group sailed with what was availiable  light to no puff   with no wheel chair mob to worry about it was a very pleasant day  a wee bit of rain at times  but nothing to stop us as were real men    so enjoy our video of the day   an please remember the wheel chair mob  gone but not forgotten

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      No video from me, as I wasn’t there! (according to the frog)

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        OPPPS  SORRY UNCLE G    yep every one UNCLE G did in fact turn up to play with us but as it started to rain  his enthusiam to sail was blown away along with his quick departure  but he was there MY apologies once again DEAR  UNCLE G  ( I try to get my reports accurate )

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