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      A past time like sailing is soooo restful  one merges with the moment  absorbing the  ambiance That friends is living eight  today had that experience  sailing at the canal watching the joggers  female  ( nothing strange about us ) putting our boats  against each other or not  big boats and little boats nipping around each other   so restful  until the peace and tranquility  was shattered   how did this happen  one word MOOSE   he said he would only come to the BBQ  so we all weren’t expecting  this  distressing  experience   at the floating pontoon   but true to the Aussie code  we welcomed the intruder “the fur coat with the crook hoof ” now with a bung shoulder  to watch listen and learn  but did he  ofcouse not so sailing finished off to the BBQ we went  now as the fur coat has a sore shoulder  the boys had to hand feed him he didn’t like the grass so we shared our tucka with him god damn that boy can eat mixed with the finest cascade has to offer he was a happy chappy as we bundled him into his car an left ………..could still be there I suppose  unfortunately time spent on the pontoon with the moose  didn’t allow me to take pictures of the day  so a few of the BBQ is all I got …… moose fault  Predator  shot some video so with a bit of luck we might get to see our day  THAT WAS OUR DAY  ………AN THE FUR COATS TO

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      And may I add the unspeakable one who we will refer to as the  ‘Moose’ at the bbq apparently now with a sooky woosy sore shoulder along with a what appeared to be a limp (more like a limp wrist) possibly put on for sympathy from our assembled gang then gave a Moose roar telling me to bugger off and get out of my very own bbq side arm chair (my chair by the way) so as the local hero I am I stood and beckoned the grumpy Moose to sit on MY chair and no farting on it (I was listening) so there that’s my story and I’m sticking with Not often I concur with the green thing but this time I do totally agree with the forsaid statement that he made in relation to the one referred to as ‘The Moose’

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      excellent top notch superb  accolades will follow by others   brilliant

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      OH DEAR  THE MOOSE  has said and I quote  “AVERAGE ”  for this brilliant video   we feed him  we talk to him  we even put him in his car after the BBQ when he was  sloshed  an this is how the MOOOSE responds to a fellow yachtie  who actually likes him   well I think not after this  rampage  heaven forbid  if bad angel  filmed the days sailing  I expect it was the possible pain from his shoulder  when he made a typo error  in his response  Now dear  MR mooose take your tablets an have a big nite nite sleeps   then you can retype  your reply with the appropriate praise  after your nap

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      Kermit.. Isn’t that the most ungrateful thing you have ever heard from the limping woosy horned thingy, oh well that’s life..

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      Its not often I agree with you BA but this is one     After you gave the fur coat your treasured seat at the BBQ so he could rest his hoove and predator force feeding him grass  so the poor ol thing had something to eat  bulldog gave him a lot of turps  an then to show his gratitude he knocks predators excellent  video   i’m hoping it was a typo error through lack of sleep  poor dear    I bet predator would have read the reply from the fur coat  and is now in shock   and rightly so  oh dear oh dear

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      Well the fur coat had  a nice little sleep and he has now change his review of the video .

      How boring watching a plane fly around in circles its like watching paint dry so my new comment is


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      ONCE AGAIN OHHH DEAR the moose has crossed the line my fellow sailors and flyers for not only did he poo poo predators flying video but also  the sailing one as well  all first class videos from the Cecil de la mar of movies Mr predator  if we have a few people come on line and voice theirs disapproval of the fur coats heartless words  i shall as 2ic of the flight line gang  request an audience with the  holy one so we can have a  DIES  NATALIS  to resolve this unfortunate occurrence   (for the benefit of the fur coat )  dies natalis = judgement day  and to finish  fiat justitia = let justice be done

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      I will set up your audience with the dear leader however there are basic rules that one must adhere to when in front of above royalty well god like actually. 1. You never speak unless spoken to by your godleness, 2, Never look your godleness in the eye, 3, Remain with head bowed to the floor, 4, never where shoes, socks only no smelly feet, 5,  only speak when spoken to, if you are prepared to comply I will arrange an audience… BA has spoken on and for behalf of his godleness

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      DEAR  BA how would you like to be 2IC AND look straight into the eyes of the living god   ME    Think about it   could be greased palms involved  wink wink

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