YOUTUBE VIDEOS Not Flying @ the field August 2022

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      With the local flying field well and truly waterlogged from all the winter rains there were only 3 flying days in July and none at all for August. At this stage September may be just as lacking so, here is a video cobbled together from internet footage of the V-22 Osprey VTOL plane.

      They are currently out of stock but Banana Hobby expects them to be available both in RTF and ARF configuration around early to mid October 2022.

      I purchased an almost new one today via RC trader so now just waiting for it to arrive.

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      arhhhh so many possibility’s   I like it  will my dearest friend  /cobber UNCLE G  get one

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      With no flying at the field Monsieur Kermit is touring France.

      Home in Pensil

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      And today he went into town.

      Visit to Josselin France

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      il se passe des choses passionnates beacoupe degens porter desmasques de la te’te aux pieds ve ne sais pas o’u se vais ensuit..    av revoir……kermit la grenouille

      nice weather over here exciting things happening  a lot of people wearinghead to toe face masks…not sure whereim going next.. bye    kermit la frog

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      He was also spotted in a popular ladyboy bar here in Philippines but I was not there to take a pic.


      And even if i was there I would not have taken a pic.

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        YEA well I was only askin the nice ladies did they know hoppy……  soooo many answers  were forth coming  there must be a lot of hoppys over there

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      Since no one else is flying here is footage from today. I loaned my DJI Mavic Mini to a professional pilot and he lost it so gave me money and I bought a Hubsan Zino Mini SE. Its better than the DJI and cheaper. Not as good as a DJI Mini 3 but they are 4 times the price. My boat was beached at high tide this morning as has a leaky shaft seal to replace at low tide later today. Its a fishing beach so hope to get BBQ seafood there tomorrow.



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        Very nice footage again Hoppy, thanks for your input.

        Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get started on building the V-22 Osprey then I may have to take it down & check out Kermit’s new Flying Field as I think it will still be a while before the Farm starts to dry out.

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      GDAY HOPPY   I have mowed and pulled trees from my daughters property next door for my airfield  should be interesting  might have a go after sailing  or sunday as video editing takes a while  SEE IF I CAN SET UP A CAMERA TO CATCH THE CRASH

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      Hi Hoppy,

      Great beach footage again.  The weather always seems to be so perfect and calm there! How do you manage it?

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        From Dec to May weather is perfect 98% of the time but now from June to Nov its rainy season with occasional typhoons but once a typhoon passes its nice for a while. Peak typhoon season is in October but Subic Bay hardly ever gets a direct hit, just the rain deluges. So I would guess June to Nov its 30% perfect and rainy the rest of the time.


        Kermit I look forward to flying videos. Dont forget you flying property at Dunalley. Also Craigeborne Dam would be good for seaplane flying. And end of Opossum Bay is flyable. Also beaches at low tide make good runways and hills are good for chucking off gliders so no excuses for not flying.

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      Monsieur Kermit has been on a trip to La Brunette, Clussais La Prommeraie, with an overnight stay in a gite. On the way home he “…stopped into a church, fell down on his knees, and began to pray..”

      Kermit's gite

      Apre l'église

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      Monsieur Kermit made it to what may be his ancestral home “le Chateau de Josselin”

      Home at last.

      And hiding from a scary garden lion.

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