RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 NOT THE BEST DAY TO FLY

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      TWAS ME BEST MATE AN I  YEP THE ONLY TWO  TO FLY  the field for yonks  so many people away but still the top flyer and myself came out even though the wind was blowing the wool off the sheep’s back the TOP GUN TOP STUDENT  UNCLE G was at his best  a true treat to watch  braving the gusts and constant  1000 mph wind  he flew his plane as if there  was no wind at all ….such is the skill of this magnificent flyer  We spent about an hour flying an yakking before even stronger winds increased an moved our cars into the next paddock it was only then that we decided to retire thus ending an interesting day  ALL TRUE                                                   trust me    just say’n

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      Looked like a perfect flying day to me however you seemed to have a lot of No Shows down at the field today. Wonder if it had anything to do with the Green Tree Frog ?

      Also, the wind muff on your camera isn’t doing much, you may (like me) need to turn the audio gain level down.

      Did you fly Mr Frog & is there video from Uncle G to prove it?, otherwise I guess no GMA’s today.

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        Everything Kermit said was the truth (almost).

        Kermit had multiple flights today as my upcoming video will show, just waiting on my slow internet and YouTube to do its thing. (4k)


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          Well then there may well be a GMA after all.

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          predator sir  don’t worry about the sinkers  video it wont be much   just award me the GMA an save time ok

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          You know the rules Mr Frog, they were etched in stone by the late & great Mr Moose, to wit,  “There must be AT LEAST two entries from separate videographers for the weekly GMA to be awarded.

          Just waiting for Uncle G’s 4k video to load to Youtube.

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      YES BUT   …..We all know its not gunna be worth the wait  nothing interesting  just my putt putt  going round circles  so  lets just not let him embarrass himself with  nothing of interest  uh   you ring him an say don’t bother to put up the video  ….be a good fellow  do it

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      Sorry Kermit but here is my video from today in 4k,

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        I thought Kermie had been out picking mushrooms, then I realised it was the nose of his poor plane.

        Oh dear what a day !!

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      I think you were both starved of content to video today so that is going to make voting interesting.

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      Not a good advertisement for TGFS! I’ve voted and no vid from Philippines this week.

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        I think the Frogs problem is that he’s been doing so much flying in the very tight confines of his ToadHall airstrip that he can no longer handle the wide open spaces of the Field.

        Not his usual trick flying into fences, usually leaves that up to me or Ian.

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          In my new best friend’s Kermit’s defence, it was more like he was blown into the fences, very blustery conditions.

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      THANK YOU UNCLE G  for your  words of defence on my behalf ….you see  I  test the fences for the farmer   (GREG BROWN )   HE an I have an arrangement  I test his fences  he looks after the    green tree frog sites …   OK…. so in future when you see my putt putt going into  fences  its  for the farmer  Part of the state governments  save the fences program 

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      The voting has closed & the clear winner this week is Uncle G. Well done Gerald

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        Thanks Mike, but special thanks to Kermit for providing the entertainment!

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      WHAT WHAT  The sinker is the winner  how could that be  I got zero  NO ONE LOVES ME   my video sucks  OR there’s scull drudgery going on   THATS IT  betcha   just because the sinker gave a donation to save the green tree frog  now he’s the best in the world an for that he gets the GMA …….fowl   chook  not fair   sucks ….. NEVER  did like the GMA …goin home

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        Methinks the lack of votes on your part related more to the video content (only 1 plane doing laps). I think you need more planes to point your camera at.

        On the other hand Uncle G also only had one plane to point at but at least there was some action.

        Perhaps the voting needs to be for the pilots rather than the videographers.

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      Well then MR PREDATOR SIR  I would always be the winner  if your suggestion was to be the way  so I decline the  PERHAPS new way  an leave it the way it is  just so THE SINKER an you ands others get a chance to feel an use the bragging rights  the GMA  has    I can absorb the pain of zero votes  for the betterment of others  ……………..just say’n

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