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      Another warm sunny day with a light easterly blowing down the canal.

      The only thing that spoiled it was the low tide.

      Went up to see the yachties at the jetty, there was four sailors and three of their yachts were sitting in the mud! (Kermit leading them astray)

      Here is my short video from our end.

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      LETS ALL HOPE next year the sinker will stop tellin porkies  there were at least 7 sailors  sailing  (say that fast several times ) we were down a few lads but you have to accept that some have lives  I made a cash loss today with our resident female sailor  I sold tickets for a kiss from her   but as she was a no show  I had to give a kiss to the ticket holders  WELL  I wasn’t gunna give em back their money  SO I lost a dollar  even the sinker came up for his kissie   (you need to shave sink )  several of the lads got tired of sailing so they just bumped the hard  to rest an for that…… false news alert by the sinker accusers them of running aground…. tusk tusk ..all in all a nice way to finish the year off  to the wheel chair mob  I   trust you got for Christmas axel grease an for those that cant see…..  a bell for your cane …. happy new year dear friends

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