RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 One of the best days to fly at the field

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      A perfect no wind sunday only let down by smoke haze that made seeing white planes hard and killed thermals. Present were Mike, Moose, Gerald, Mitch, Ricky and self for six. I think the only incident was my skipper havinga minor bingle and shearing off its tail again when I lost video signal. My fault as cars blocked the signal and I usually move my chair away from the cars but forgot. Here is the crash video:



      And here is more AXN footage but same same flying as other weeks:



      Eagles footage shows smoke haze and some following othr models:




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      Yes Chris it certainly was a ripper of a day (apart from the smoke haze). You must be taking lessons form the Moose on how to predict great flying days.

      A bit of rear facing action from my E-sky Eyas biplane “Li’l Eagle” after lunch today.

      Morning flight with the 2.32M MDM-1 Fox glider (FPV Cam)

      Afternoon flight (wing Cam this time)

      Around the field today

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      Perfect weather for flying,

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      What a great flying day.Nice to see uncle g trying some loops and rolls.

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        UNCLE G THAT VIDEO was a near perfect copy of a video I would have done  it was perfect if you hadn’t put your title on it  people would have said    arhhhh that Kermit has done it again

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          Thanks Kermit. All down to the “Top Gun Flight School” video classes

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      Top Gun flight School has notified me of an error in Predators video. My yellow plane is a WW2 Tiger Moth hence the trainer yellow colour and not an old WW1 Sopwith Camel which are not yellow.

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        It must have been that noisy rattle coming from the motor that threw me, sounded like a camel !!

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      yes because I think you should be accurate in reporting I always say to my students….get it right…  get it right  ONE MUST KNOW the diffeance tiger moth  to a slopwith camel  ie engine cowl camel round large tiger narrow  tail roundish camel / tiger squarish  totally different    similar to a sail boat I recon  snicker  snicker    my sailing video is now up

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      Forgot  to say saw Uncle G at the tallyroom

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      god what a coincidence  I also saw him  was he the one with the two policeman  either side going out of the tally room one has to ask  why was his feet off the ground

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