GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Over engineered handicap sailing timer

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      I’ve done a few mods to the handicap sailing timer.

      As we tend to forget to turn off the timer after a race has started, I have programmed a TTGO T-Display Arduino to turn off the speaker when the maximum handicap for the race is met.

      Prior to starting the next race, the new handicap is enterred by using the 5 second inrement/decrement buttons and then press start. When the handicap is reached, the speaker is turned off.

      What could possibly go wrong with this over engineerd solution?


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      Very nice Ron, that should fix the over runs quite nicely.

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      That’s brilliant gadget man 👍

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      Thank you Mike and Bodge.

      I’m looking forward to testing it out on Tuesday.

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      And it did work really well. It is surprising how great a distraction turning off the timer can be if you are the one doing it in the vital seconds after the start. Well done Ron.


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      Thank you Shorty. I was really happy with how it worked.

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