RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Paddling in the canal on 21st November 2020

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      With only a swamp dawg I flew my drone before 9:30am at the scale end then finished up at the jetty with the older crowd there. Here is the Mavic Mini footage:



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      Another near perfect day for sailing and scale boats.

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        Very strange indeed?

        Putting up old video from October again, we want today’s stuff! (with music)

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      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muzik

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      Well if you don’t succeed first time you try again….. Here is my bit (I hope)

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      Average at the golden end of the canal IS 60 average age at the white cane end is 99 Hoppy your age scale is off by a wheel chair an a stand by ambulance Your young but speck saver is where you need to visit

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      And the Winner of this weeks Photo award is


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      yea sooooo ………….. you got a problem with that

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      My lawyers have filed for a re-count reckon with a recount we can win  pensilvania  and retake the Presidency oh…yeah… that’s the other vote

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      I THINK FOR FAIRNESS  YES A RECOUNT is in order  Mr Moose will do it   IV ALREADY ASKED HIM  ON YOUR Behalf    no need to thank me

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      Voter fraud….

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      broken tape recorder

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      Well all votes have been recounted and the winner is without doubt 


      So go dye your hair Bad Angle

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      THANK YOU MR MOOSE  for you recount WELL that’s official  no more correspondence will be accepted  <b>KERMIT LA FROG  IS THE WINNER     an deserverably  so </b>  no fake news here so I think the flightless bird from kiewee lund  can now be an aussie ostrich  (an you know what they do with their head ay )

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      I totally agree with Moose’s decision, If Hoppy and someone else had gone that little bit extra and included some nice background music it might have been different?

      Well done Kermit!

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      THANK YOU UNCLE G  my dear true friend  for your support in this unsavoury battle for freedom of video expression ( with music )  its gratifying to hear from soooo many  video lovers  an to know the official recount was done with official observers  in place  to verify the result     THE FIELD GANG   2IC  and future president

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