RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Peter Smith Memorial Regatta Puddleduck Vineyard ~ 07/03/2020

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      Peter Smith Memorial Regatta

      Puddleduck Vineyard ~ 07/03/2020

      A promised forecast of steady South to South East winds came to pass and saw fourteen skippers comprising representatives from other Tasmanian RC groups and a strong contingent of our local skippers all turned out to contest the annual Peter Smith Memorial Trophy today.

      With a sausage Windward/Leeward course set to make the most of the perfect conditions, our PRO Stuart Harris, ably assisted by Peter Sylvester and Gerald Stevens got the first of two scratch races underway on time.

      The scoring after two scratch heats was based upon the National standard for RC class racing and involves an A and B fleet with promotions and demotions after each heat.

      The race administration ran smooth and seamless and was a credit to the volunteers.

      This year our wonderful hosts and sponsors once more donated prizes of wine in addition to the perpetual trophy.

      A break for lunch at 12.30 saw a nice meal with soup and a preview tasting of the most recent vintage of Peter Smith Memorial wine, specially dedicated and bottled in his honour. Peter’s two daughters Jackie and Sue introduced the wine, gave us some background on its origins in addition to sharing some special anecdotes of their father’s sailing life.

      Once more back on the water our Southerly conditions held and a truly enjoyable concluding set of races for us all saw the final winners emerge.

      In third place and also a special mention was #61 Justin Rogers. This young man prior to picking up a Transmitter for the very first time late in 2019 had never sailed an RC yacht before. Today he showed all the skill of a veteran negotiating the sometimes baffling conditions with consummate ease.

      In second place was Phil Turnbull who sailed brilliantly all day, thoroughly deserving his podium position.

      In first place and sailing with a whole different skill level was 2019 champion Lisa Blackwood.

      From the get go Lisa’s superior skill level and superb tactical racing left the rest of the fleet agape in her wake. Thoroughly deserving of her excellent defence of the Peter Smith Trophy Lisa is our new 2020 Champion.

      Thank you to all the hard working volunteers that kept the day running smoothly and on time. To our hosts and wonderful sponsors Puddleduck Vineyard and the families who create and maintain its outstanding quality vintages we are so grateful of your patronage and good humour.

      Huge thank you to all our skippers who came to sail with us today and displayed the highest quality of sportsmanship and fair play you could ever expect. To those who travelled to be here a special thank you and we do hope to see and sail with you again soon.

      See you all again soon.

      Words by Col, Media by Mike and fun by everyone …. thank you.



      More photos from today’s regatta here

      For the best quality playback watch videos in 1080P

      Pre Race Briefing

      Race 1 B Fleet

      Race 1 A Fleet

      Race 3 B Fleet

      Race 3 A Fleet

      Race 5 B Fleet

      Race 5 A Fleet

      Race 7 B Fleet

      Race 7 A Fleet

      Race 9 B Fleet

      Race 9 A Fleet

      Presentation Ceremony

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      A huge thank you to all for running a superb event. Run with great race management, great sportsmanship by all competitors and brilliant hospitality by the hosts.

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        Your welcome Lisa, that is just how we all like it @ The Duck, it’s a special place to race.


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      A really well run series that was a lot of fun. To have a dedicated media resource is a real bonus. A huge thank you to the officials, the owners and management of the Duck, and to all sailors that turned up and allowed us to have such enjoyable racing.

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      WELL DONE  ya all  top marks to the man in the rain the CECEL DE LA MARE of video  Mr predator     The fella who is   quite prepared to sacrifice his health for the many  From the video interesting winds nice race pattern   and I was quite surprised to see or rather not see on the podium  well done Speedy GonzaRogers   Now where did the pond gods disappear to Was Lisa  SOOOOOOOO intimidating that our lot wet their pants or as I recon whats happened  our mob decided before hand to let Lisa have our most holy trophy  for the SECOND time because this is the national woman’s week for chicky babes  I gotta believe that because how in hell did a chicky babe beat full grown men in a mans sport (an don’t enter into sexist nonsense )  OH DEAR after this i guess it will be between me an young Justin as to who the next pond god is gunna be



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      All videos from Saturday’s DF65 Regatta are now posted.



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        Well done Mike, great videos!

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      Awesome Mike, love your work.

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