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      AND IT WAS A FAMILY DAY  WITH  Dave’s  grand children all grown up and sailing just like their gramps but better   (and prettier to   ) and the first time we’ve meet Mrs Dave JUST like her grandchildren  gorgeous ……Dave’s girls sailed his boats 95 and the 65  and were constantly calling out fowl  not fair etc etc JUST  because some of the lads  were ramming bumping pushing (Moose is naturally aggressive )    they were answered with yep ok cool ” girls they just don’t get it ”      Pete turned up to play  as did bulldog Barrett the grumpy ol Mr moose ..Predator  so it was a nice fun half day BA BAD ANGEL arrived at our BBQ for a few minutes with his grand daughter an a tinnie  in tow they were off to go fishing  so as usual fun time

      PS ricky arrived via canal with  this aircraft carrier  nice ay



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      Definitely a fine looking “Aircraft Carrier” there Ricky.

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