RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 13th Feb, 2021

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      Another good day for playing with boats in the canal, the weather was more suited to the “BLOATERS” with their yachts, but the “MARINE MODELLERS” had a really good turn out including our two newest members BA & Hoppy with their swampies.

      Here is todays video, with no duck’s runover!


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      Nice video Stupid music

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        I put it on just for you!

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          Yeah thought so…hit the mute button real quick, but video nice..😀😁😆😅🤣😂🙂🙃😉😊😇😘🤩😛

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      Nice Video loved the mooseic pity about the sailing frog you should have sunk it

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      YESSSSS ABOUT THAT  my rudder got stuck that’s how come I taped you  soooooo sworry  UNCLE G …… COME DOWN TO THE SUNNY END  any time  I presumed you came to us for entrainment / action  as your wheel chair mob certainly wasn’t providing any BY THE LOOK OF YOUR VIDEO  Always ready to make your videos  worth while viewing

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      My bit and no music..

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      Superb sailing conditions for the floaters  we sailed  so hard the canal dried up  an we had fish on the BBQ  along with a few ducks supplied by the  dwag wranglers  UNCLE G arrived in the blue camera boat  WE were so happy to see him the floaters on mass wanted to say hallo  but uncle g was intimidated by so many  he skerdaterald  back to the safety of the wheel chair mob  AT OUR BBQ we had a few  birds come an want us to share our tucka with them but to be fair they weren’t much on the eyes  but never the less our Noo Sealunder  BAD ANGEL went for it an got a nibble ( NO CLASS THIS BOY )   AN THAT was our day sailing at the canal

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      my video does contain mooosic but there is a section I left blank just for BA  I AIM TO PLEASE MOST VIEWERS

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        Where was da moozik was silent… oh yes had the mut butten on…. nice video frogget 🤣😂😇🥺🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕💣🐸🐸

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