RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 13th Mar, 2021

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      Another fun day playing with boats in the canal, A good turn out from the Marine Modeller’s but only an average turn up for the “Bloaters” today.


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      ITS FLOATERS NOT BLOATERS  GOOD GOD BOY TRY TO GET IT RIGHT …….As for members  we at the sunshine part of the canal  only have the best of the best sailing with us  where as your mob if they can find their wheel chairs they come to your mud patch just to tell every one there that its another day on this soil  for them   which is fair enough   but we THE FLOATERS do not  have wheel chairs nor do we have the white cane  sooo we are always here SAILING without telling anyone LOOK IM STILL HERE   AN WHILE YOUR READING this  a mere spit of rain sent your mob racing for cover an to the  “stand by ”  ambulance  talk about girls  sheeeze   whilst we  sailed through  to the end  an then to our usual BBQ …..NOW THEN Fair winds smooth water and humour is what was transpiring on the floating jetty  for our young hardy troop …..Ducks aplenty  and brilliant sailing as we were  caressing the turquoise water with our superb yachts Sailing to the high standards that only the floaters can achieve  (no brag just fact )  IF only the white cane mob could get their wheel chairs up to us  so they could get a grasp of what being on the water is really all about , they could pass on knowing that they had watched gods  on the water ….oh hum    another absolute perfect day

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      I notice the ducks stay with us at the jetty unless that big blue boat trundles up when they ‘duck’ for cover.

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        That’s because you bribe them with stale bread!

        I noticed on Kermit’s video, they gave your swampy a wide berth, even with food on the gun?

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      ohhhh I’m all quacked up over that.we all duck for cover when the blue comes up but no good tellin UNCLE G  about that its like water of a ducks back

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      that all you got UNCLE G  there was enough stirring material there to last for yonks or was it so accurate  you got nuttin to say

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