RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 15th Jan 2022

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      Perfect summers day for playing with boats.

      The fine weather brought out a good number of the “Marine Modellers”, but sadly only three of the “Bloaters” turned up – eventually?

      Got to try out my new Cougar Cat, and everything worked as it should.

      Then it was down to the barbecues for lunch.

      My video from today, (with Scotty’s help)

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      TODAY WE HAD TO RESTRICT OUR NUMBERS  FROM THE PLATFORM due to over crowding such was the demand for sailing   Five  enjoyed the days sunshine and boootiful wind three boats on the water with  skippers changing over  due to stress at not seeing the wheel chair mob at the other end of the canal  some said the Hospital /Rest homes had forgotten to let them out what ever the reason we didnt really miss em  as the day progressed skippers left to do other stuff leaving BIG BAD DAVE an myself to enjoy the BBQ at the end of the canal. There was one dear ol fella with a  white cane  tapping his way through the BBQ area  looking for the wheel chair mob   DAVE  pointed him to the water an left him tapping his way to it  last seen was a white cane moving through the waves   so ending our day with a smile

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