RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 20th Nov, 2021

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      A good turn out from both the “MARINE MODELLERS of TASMANIA” and the “BLOATERS” today.

      Calm conditions with a bit of floaty weed hanging around.

      But it was my lucky day today, I managed to get some expert tips from the “Top Gun Video School” master videographer himself. (Kermit)

      He un-selfishly gave me some of his valuable time to explain how to edit my video’s correctly.

      Sorry I had to leave early, had to take Moose out to lunch!

      So here is my new style video from today, Less boats, more water & ducks!


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      I don’t believe it  please go back to your original style.

      I am sure the frog is putting y0u on a path to loose The G.M.A

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      Hare is a bit of onboard video from “Abigail” today during our one and only race.

      There was a lot of weed floating about & not much wind but we managed.

      Had a good turn out even with the less than ideal conditions.

      Finished off the day with the customary Lunch Time BBQ then headed home just as the rain decided to return.

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      Don’t worry Moose, here is the real video.

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      With regard to your first video, a quality production Uncle G if ever I saw one.
      I guess the Frog is rubbing off on you !!

      With regard to the second, All that smoke but NO FLAMES, very disappointing.

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        Yes Mike, flames would have made the video.

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        IF THAT IS THE REAL VIDEO UNCLE G  I would sooner have the first one BUT WHAT THE HECK YOU’VE WON ANYWAY MONEY COUNTS  how was your lunch with the MR  moose

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      I suppose I had better wait for what’s his name to file his rubbish before awarding the G.M.A

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        Well I just wasted 28 minutes of my life watching yachts doing nothing, and as for the fire, even that was a loser as you had to put petrol or something on that to make it burn!

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          THE ART OF VIDEO MAKING UNCLE G  is suspense  I never said it was a real boat  you surmised that it was  there for looked for it and waited ……..  Lesson one was free…… WATCH AN LEARN  dear boy

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      UNLIKE THE FAKE NEWS from uncle g  we did have a fire on a yacht  but you will have to wait till the end of the video to see this exclusive video   smoke and fire

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      Now let me deal with UNCLE G   yes he did turn up to learn video skills that he still doesnt have First of all the first lesson  was the introduction about filming  unfortinually UNCLE G slipped out without paying and didnt see the end section where we explain that the film they watched was NOT  the way to film AND as he  demonstrated in his effort on the canal today he took it all in and applied it   and as usual did not improve as all of his videos  have shown  Second FIRE  well that was a disaster  all smoke an no flame talk about fake news  he is nearly the master of it  the head of fake news is undoubtedly MR MOOSE  the seller of the GMA

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      See there has been another change in DF65/95 rules. They now use a common winch. At approx $100AU that is an expensive  replacement especially for a 65. https://radiosailing.net/collections/frontpage/products/df-upgraded-sailwinch-for-df95-df65-includes-both-class-drums

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        Good to hear from you Tugboat, They would want to be much better quality than the rest of their products?

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          yes DEAR OL TUGBOAT has been very quite this past year …not a stir for which he is famous for

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        Thanks Tug, hopefully when finally released & available in Au they will be a better price than that listed in USA.

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        Well thank you again Mr. Moose!

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      This Post is now closed.

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      He has probably fallen asleep watching your video!

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