RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 21st August, 2021

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      Another nice balmy winters day for sailing boats on the canal.

      Plenty of water and not much wind made for ideal conditions.

      We had two wanna-be members show up at our end today. Hoppy & Kermit.

      Hoppy was accepted but Kermit was sent back down to the jetty.

      My video from today –

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      Great to see a couple of new boats this week.

      Very nice indeed.

      Thanks Uncle G.

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      I nominate Uncle G for video of the day especially as no music. No rain here on the eastern shore for those who didnt leave home.

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        Hoppy, you are a game man nominating anyone before ALL the days entries are in.

        Don’t want to get the little Green Frog offside !!

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        WISE MAN PREDATOR   where UNCLE G  came up with the  NEW MEN   has come from I know not    HOPPY IS YOUNG  SO NO good for the wheel chair mob  as for me  narh Iv still got me teeth  whats happening down there  at the dark side  no one around did the wheelie bin truck come early?  UNCLE G   fake news  we were sailing by 10 oclock    an whats with you lot  every one down there is over 90  an still you cant fetch a boat back  try throwing your white sticks at em

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        Well, while Uncle G’s aerial video was quite spectacular (as aerial videos usually are) the venue was wrong (certainly not the canal we know & love) and overall I would join with Bodge in giving Kermit my vote.

        It was quite an artistic effort from our sick little frog however I must agree with one comment (from one that shall remain nameless) that the shot of the sewer stormwater discharging did take away from the overall ambiance and would have better been left out. Same for the finishing shot of the rubbish treebranch stuck in the mud.

        Other than that I thought the clips through the trees & grasses were a nice touch.

        Hope you got written permission to include the kids in your video though, you know how much of a stickler for political correctness YouTube has become of late.

        Just my thruppence worth!!

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          THANK YOU PREDATOR SIR ……………. the storm water outflow was placed in the video as a referance to flushing UNCLE G s video   the tree branch  at the end if you notice is waving  saying …”good bye ”  to UNCLE G  as for the kids ifin you cant take a video of whats going on  whats the world coming to  so I will continue being a human an not a wanker   I do however appreciate your imput   but a frogs gotta do what a frogs gotta  do   ps  do you think I was to harsh on UNCLE G  as hes still learning video production  an needs positive direction  I could go soft ………………………narh


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      Another great video from Kermit 👍, with great varied content including boat rescue from local lads, impromptu racing from retirees, all whilst suffering from tadpole virus.

      you have my vote Kermit 🐸😜

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      THANK YOU BODGE   my videos are for fellow sailors not the box office unlike the wheel chair mob’s leader I  have pride in my work  an I dont pay for an award  that has been corrupted by cash  UNCLE G  will one day make a worth while video but untill he stops  paying the fur coat  he wont know what quality is   Thank you dear boy

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