RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 24th July 21

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      Not a Frog or Moose to be seen, Just the hardy Marine Modellers of Tasmania and the Bloaters up at the jetty.

      Here is today’s video of the scale boats

      And as Kermit was absent here is a little video from that end. Notice how there is no confusion about which way to go around the buoys.

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      The winner is:

      Yes you guessed it non other than the Master of video——- Sorry NO correspondence will be entered into Do YOU UNDERSTAND

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        Thanks Mr. Moose, Two week’s in a row!

        Someone will be GREEN with envy!


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          So how much   $   was passed for todays  effort     when your money runs out justice will return and free videos will be played again

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      Thanks for the videos gents, was a fun day 👍

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        BODGE  what are you doing boy   don’t give praise to the opposition    saying   “thanks ” is giving permission to continue the bribes  .  stay true to the path

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      Where’s the frog

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        WICKY  WICKY   What’s  happened to you   Now that your sailing at the new venue    “wickys lake ” Sorting after new members to sail on this pond  you have taken in the devil  the wrecker of the canal  UNCLE G  the one who leaves nothing but debris along his track an then steals video shots from another film maker   is this really the person that you want at the new sailing VENUE   there is still time before the word gets out  send him back to his wheel chair mob   before   WICKYS  LAKE  is nothing more than a memory        Now where was I   today ….. down at cygnet getting my aircraft fixed     thanks for asking

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          Ricky is one of the founding members of The Marine Modeller’s of Tasmania, he even was wearing his official Marine Modellers cap today!

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            I really cant believe wicky is a  FOUNDING  member  he’s far to young …….. another baseless story from the sinker

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      I think he has buried himself in the swamp for the rest of winter

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      Is there no shame from this sinker of boats   UNCLE G  Now he has the audacity to  front up on our floating jetty an take videos but it doesn’t stop there  he even takes my private video shot of ducks  to add to his shameful exploitation  an to top it all off  his mate the one who accepts bribes  hands him the jewel of video awards   SHAME  SHAME    are you both proud of yourselves

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      Hey Kermit, as the new kid (old coot) on the block I can’t be seen taking sides so early, besides you appear to cop your far share of the banter without me joining in giving you grief as well 😂 ….. I am a gentleman 😂👍 we did miss you burning the snags today though

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        DODGE  allow me to introduce the boat sinker AAK UNCLE G…  to you  Before your time we sailed (floaters)  quietly and unmolested  until   THIS DEVIL IN A BLUE SPEED BOAT  attempted to sink several of our defenceless 65s  but due to the fearless capstan Pete and others we stopped his mad attempt to put them in Davey’s jones locker  SINCE THEN   we through numbers and unity   have been able to sail in peace  but we are always on edge  S o you see  dear boy  wolf in sheep’s  clothing  is UNCLE G   I hope this  explains the  unfortunate position we are in  NOW AS A FOOT NOTE  he has started to invest money into a prominent person who controls the awards for best video   since this has started  no one and I repeat no one has won the award   need I say more ?  AS FOR BURNING SNAGS   no one but no one burns em better than me  I thank you for the complement

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      Ah ! its back from touring the country side looking at what he can steal.

      apples,pears and mushrooms oh yes forgot  also tadpoles (Trying to increase the family numbers)

      It storms into the conversations without being asked treats us all like musrooms

      Keeps us in the dark and feeds us on b/s

      your so nice KERMIT

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      YOUR RIGHT MR MOOSE   I  might not have been fair over your  choice of top video award it was just that I thought predators videos would jump across the line  in leaps an bounds because it had all the requirements for an award winning video  against  a mediocre water boatie thingi  but I am not the video award giver outa  an to be totally fair  UNCLE G’s  videos are award winning ………………in the comedy section  NARH just kiddin  ……………not …. so I propose a new start  No more bribes  an you get hassle free forum page and the boat sinker gets the same ……  deal

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      Kermit Hope you learn from this   Sorry click the link


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