RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 27th Feb, 2021

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      Another good day at the canal with a combined barbecue of the Marine Modellers and the Bloaters to finish it of.

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      WELL WHO  HAS HIS TOES IN TWO CAMPS  GIVE YA A HINT  WHITE HAIR SPEAKS FUNNY AN HES ON FILM IN THE OTHER CAMP its fitting really he fits the age group   we at the younger end of the canal had heaps of new sailors  wanting to partake in the art of true sailing A new boy  called Ray showed his new 65 to the canals water AND had heaps of fun all without oxygen tanks or a fibulator  unlike the wheel chair mob  Light winds carried our steeds to outstanding speeds  due to expert sail trimming and the ability to read the sea  as only true skippers can do  IT WAS A VERY COLOURFUL  sight with dozens of yachts sporting colourful rigs  cap’t Pete with pink bits  Mr Moose  with orange sails  me with green sails Hoppy with purple  and the two sided keywee with multi coloured sails   A FINE DAY OUT

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      Yes a great day was had by all

      A special welcome to Ray a newbie on the day hope you can join us next Sat.

      Here is a pic of my little yacht

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      MR UNCLE G YOUR REFERANCE TO OUR SAILING GROUP AS THE BLOATERS is incorrect  for we are unofficially called floaters  but at the marine Noodlers BBQ your mob were indeed looking bloated  so the word was useful if not correct for the wheel chair mob  REGARDS

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      The Compass yacht was transformed with the big purple rig.

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