RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 30th Jan, 2021

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      Another perfect day for the scale boats, but not so good for the yachts.

      High tide no wind and no weed.

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      Here is my strange bit and NO music..

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        Not to bad until the music..

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          NICE VIDEO BA  No music but I watched it anyway

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          Ha ha sucked in….

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        Sorry Froggo music started then the stop playing button was hit, just say’n

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        Loved the music Kermit!

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          NICE AN PEACEFUL   as was our day  an your mob was sooo quite  …..medication kick in

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      Very nice Uncle G.

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        Nice views of both bays Mike.

        Nobody down our end knew you were there, even in “sports” mode!

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          NOW FAIR CRACK OF THE WHIP ol son how the hell can the wheelchair mob hear the drone let alone see it, they may see it if their laying on a stretcher  with bino’s   and as for hearing it well ifin they took out their hearing aids an pointed em in the air that could do it  so no of Couse they didn’t see or hear it …… scheeeze

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          I was waiting for that!

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        Nice drone video mike..

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      Uncle G, the first 2.5 minutes of your video has the best sound track I have heard, no need for any music. And a boat at scale speeds. My initial thought was electric with a well matched sound card but then it stalled? What is the power unit please.

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        It has a Chinese 4 stroke petrol motor fitted. It will be quite a boat when he finishes it.

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      Credit to him, as it is now it looks, sounds and moves through the water in scale to its big brother. Rare in a model.

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      fellow yacht skippers  the  ” name  ” bad angel proposed one  floaters   I like that one  MR MOOSE suggested another one  but fair dinkum  I cant repeat that name  so come on  present your offerings SEE IF YOU CAN BEAT  FLOATERS

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      lazy day ay  when I run for president  of the field gang  you will be hired to run the  media side  ok  NOW IV GOTTA GO AN CHANGE MY TROUSES  god  hope there are no more   “what to do days ” ahead  ….

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        Paid of course otherwise no..🙂

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      nice videos men. As for the music well done stirs the heart

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      I Have contacted the Council re burning of jetty they are sending a crew down to fix it today

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        Thank you Mr Moose, no doubt it would have been me that stepped in it and broke an ankle if it was not fixed.

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          good thing you didn’t fall down as Mr moose prefers the kiss of life first then first aid ……just sayin

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      Well done Moose your medal is in the post… 🙂🙃😉🤣😁

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      Now Mr. Predator I am sure you would be looked after should you take a tumble I once new how to preform first aid

      Bad angle don’t worry about the medal a cash donation will be enough thanks

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      I was going past THE  jetty  today  their not working but a orange  plastic crash barrier is up

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        Looks like you will have to come down to our end on Saturday!

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          SORRY  UNCLE G but we have an honour code  a dress code  a fun code  and a code of sail  one last thing although its a small itybiti  thing  we would be soooooo out of place with your mob being as were all so young  an go go go types   plus  we don’t want to be depressed after   a half day with  wheelchairs getting in our way  white canes getting between our legs ……….  so NO   but thanks

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