RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 3rd April, 2021

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      Again another near perfect day for playing with boats, the sun was shining, just a gentle breeze blowing, no weed but a low tide.

      We had a good turn out from the Marine Modellers considering it’s Easter, but not so for the “Bloaters”. Just two turned up eventually.

      My video of the day.




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      My new thingy:

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      IM NOT SURPRISED AT ALL that the muddlers had a good turn out after all  the real people were out partying  or gone away for the Easter The real reason the fuddlers had a good turn out was because  there was only one ambulance available so on mass they jumped on that  either that or stay at the home for wayward x wanna be sailors   Well done Mr  biggus  d ….s   for your twaining swaying  video  (thats Nu Zelund  language  ) for those that didn’t know that biggus d …. is a keyweeee   We asked him to stay and fly the flag  whilst we  party’d  on  so the truth shines through   I JUST LOOKED AT UNCLE G’S   video   well done as usual but a disturbing  theme has been introduced and that is in an effort to spark up  the fuddlers site  a   “commentary ” has been introduced  poorly I might add  but they tried   We have many good orators’ in our group  so  a reply is in order I believe

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      Nice video’s gentlemen. Good to see a Hurricane on the water. I assume you got yours complete. Have heard of a few where the customers have received a lighter kit than they were expecting. The way the bulb is poorly packaged and being mounted at an angle across the end of the box, with a bit of vibration in transport it decides to escape the package by using its shape and gravity to slowly exit  the box/box’s. Not easily identifiable sometimes as it can be just a small slit in the package. I assume between HWH and the AU customer. Less chance between China and HWH I would imagine. So AP may have a few bulbs floating around there trucks. Along with the missing battery and charger I think they were withdrawn from sale.

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        Funny you should mention escaping bulbs, that is exactly what happened a few years ago when I purchased my second hand Ragazza from Adelaide. Luckily the bulb escaped in the truck delivering locally in Hobart & after a couple of days the courier found it and delivered it unscathed.

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      emmmm  well my bulb incident  was yesterday at the shack ( frogs nest )  there were two sorts    one was enlarged  probably from the weather  the other quite small again unknown origin  with a little clean up  an finding the right vessel  they should  grace the dam  “why the dam ” because it needs something up there to be different  I’m hoping for   a daffodil an a tulip

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