RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 5th Dec 2020

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      Another good day at the canal, good turn out from the young blokes with their scale boats.

      BA called in to show off his new yacht and Ricky had his new woody RG 65 yacht.

      Looked like a good turn out with the oldies at the other end, hopefully Kermit remembered to put the SD card in his camera this time!

      Here is my video from today.

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      Well that was enjoyable except for…¬† ūüé∂ūüéľūüéĶūüé∂ūüéľūüéĶūüé∂ūüéĶūüéľūüéĽūüéĶūüé∂ūüé∑ūüéľūüéĶūüéļūüéľūüéľūüéłūüéļūüéľūüéô

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      Very nice once again Uncle G. Almost like being there.

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      Well done uncle G

      Will you accept this weeks honor  now your should you wait until you know who put up its effort.

      I think maybe it has deleted its effort once again its a long time coming I could have produced a epic by now

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        Will tank youz La Frog… now I eyz no wat a Plat a puss ooks lik…

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          NO WORRIES¬† MR BAD ANGEL¬† ¬†if your in doubt about any other animals please call¬† and I will identify them for you…… maybe I could help you with your spilling¬† to

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        MR MOOSE SIR , TO produce videos of high calibre such as you now see¬† ( platypus¬† ) takes time to coordinate the frames to bind with the story line¬† and to have continuity with each superably¬† shaped¬† clip to form a¬† seamless flawless continuous story with purpose and that is to supply¬† ¬†brilliant outstanding enjoyable video to those less talented individuals that can only complain when a “not epic”¬† but a special event is a tad late¬† ( in their eyes )¬† ¬†I hope that I have illustrated to you an all¬† the complexity of making a simple video¬† ¬†SO PLEASE SIT BACK¬† ¬†and enjoy¬† ¬† ……an if I hear another word¬† from anyone I will come around and take your medication from you

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      FANTASTIC VIDEO¬† UNCLE G¬† IT AMAZES ME¬† that ” ol farts¬† ” the white cane mob can produce such superb vessels seeing that their near blind¬† arthritic finger joints¬† some on life support systems¬† others in wheel chairs¬† with speed dial to the doctor¬† so the question is do they buy them made up¬† or did they make them when they were young like very young¬† ¬†Regards KERMIT LA FROG

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        PLEASE ELABORATE¬† …..Doh


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          Iff youz tooo fik touz no wat ‘Doh’ relaties to I knott xplane to you

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          SORRY BAD ANGEL¬† I just needed the word DOH¬† in context to a sentence¬† ¬†like¬† ¬†Doh I wove nu sealund¬† doh¬† would that be the way¬† its meant ………¬† precious

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          Reference: ‘Homer Simpson’ you silly boy…. Doh!¬† just say’n

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      if any one would like to see predators great wall it can be seen on google earth  but I did a copy for you   BIG ISNT IT

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        Now that’s what I call a wall now I want one

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          WELL its on the outskirts of Glenorchy¬† but he has stopped to paint it¬† ¬†” fussy buggar ” but there ya go

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      First about this white cane mob, I think your eyesight & memory are going in your old age. The only white canes I have seen are at your end.

      And yes most of our young members are still active building things, take young wicky’s new yacht as an example.

      P.S. We also remember to put the memory card in our camera!


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        oh oh in my defence¬† young fella¬† ¬†firstly¬† the fella on the platform¬† is one of your mob¬† who came up to¬† play with us¬† but as he was far to old¬† we considered it was unsafe for him to be on the platform¬† so before he toddled over board we sent him back with his cane¬† look hard¬† you know him¬† . Now then¬† ¬†little wicky is THE¬† only young fella¬† down at the windy end¬† an who says he’s one of yours¬† an I loved the funny¬† I quote ” yes most of our YOUNG members are still¬† active¬† building things”¬† unquote¬† I agree things like LEGGO¬† ¬†AN BUILDING BLOCKS¬† ETC¬† AS¬† iv already demolished the little white fib¬† YOUNG MEMBERS¬† ¬†an you have acknowledged the fact¬† I quote¬† First about this white cane mob, unquote¬† as for me¬† my camera did have a memory card in it but I deleted¬† the video in the process of transferring the video to hard drive¬† as others more proficient in the art of video making have done the same¬† I’m not to worried just disappointed¬† LASTLY I have no idea why you have attacked our friendly cheerful youthful group in this way but as iv shown you don’t have a leg to stand on¬† (probably because you are in your wheel chair¬† )¬† ¬†” joke ” love your videos¬† just a quick¬† question¬† who holds the camera¬† for you………..¬† ¬† just sayin

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