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      My video from today.

      Kermit, the name “Floaters” isn’t really applicable for your group as you need to be floating your boat, not being stuck in the mud on the other shore all the time!

      How about the “Mud Wrestlers” or the “Stick in the Mud Sailors”


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        ANOTHER brilliant days sailing sun shining  light winds  female joggers what else does one need  We were visited by UNCLE G  in the blue camera boat  not content to try to sink me he has the audacity to say that my boat was on the mudflats which was  totally wrong  when spotted by the camera boat  I was  in fact testing the bank for a possible launching site as we have far to many members wishing to sail from the floatie thing   At another time I may test the bank again perhaps at a high tide  ….JUST SAYIN    as for the unofficial name  FLOATERS    I personal believe its an appropriate name ONE THINKS OF  something solid  mostly round , able to move in any direction  sometimes appears in unusual places all the hallmarks of our group   but were still open for new suggestions  except yours uncle g      TIGHT LINES AN FAIR FLOATERS      I think that’s a sailing term

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      As a member of the Ducks against Uncle G Society I need to put in a strong protest on the video from Uncle G for the stress caused to one of our female members.

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      I concur MR HOPPY  I thought it was shameful the way he aggressively attacked that mother duck with that big brute of a boat in a way the poor little mother duckie couldn’t escape  I would like to see the cut version of that wild vicious monstress attack   SHAME  SHAME   I BET HE WILL CRY it didn’t happen  that the widdle mumma duck wandered into his huge boat an he didnt run over the ducklings  following her  yeaaaa right

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      We now know who the real duck hunter is

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      smash up derby


      Duck hunting

      should of been a better title  uncle g

      just saying

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      FOUR  people now know that UNCLE G needs glasses or  is a closet duck hunter and slayer of cuddly ducklings   GENTLEMEN  should I offer this villain  this duck slayer a free course of boat handling from my “academy of sailing like gentlemen”  or not  please vote

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      Gentlemen and Kermit, I believe you all have it wrong, that stupid pet duck of Kermit’s almost ran into me, it was only through my skilful boat handling that I missed it.

      As for Scotty’s tug, he just stopped in front of me, I believed he had broken down and being the helpful person I am, I decided to  give him a gentle nudge towards the shore???

      And as for the green yacht, I was stopped dead in the water when I was struck square on the starboard side by him. Then latter as I watched Predator sailing past him, being the thoughtful person I am, I gave green thing a gentle little nudge on the backstay just to get him moving. Just trying to help!

      P.S. I was wearing glasses.

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      WELL   I suppose I could be wrong in my assumption and as a reasonable sailor  I am prepared to say on behalf of Gertrude my widdle pregnant duck  that we accept your explanation  and trust you to reduce speed when Gertrude is  in her paddling mode  AND AS FOR SCOTTYS TUG   well if the silly buggar wishes to stop in front of you and you couldnt stop in time  fair enough after all he’s in your  white cane mob  and not our floaters crew so sink em all ……………… narh just kidden  only  Scotty’s

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