RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 7th August, 2021

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      Another great day at the canal today, light winds, high tide.

      Good sailing conditions as can be seen in my video.

      Not sure what was going on with the “BLOATERS” they just took off without putting a boat in the water – Soft

      Here is my video from today.

      P.S. Moose, as I have the only video from today, does this mean I win the prestige Moose video award?

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      Opening sequence is a MTB hunting a sailing dingy or was that protecting it from attack from down the canal. The end, the sailing dingy is still afloat. Drama plus, well done Uncle G. That speed boat is nice.

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        Yes it protecting it from that green yacht down the other end that didn’t get wet?

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      Yes Iam afraid so  not worth putting up the award video

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        Ofcouse UNCLE G will get the  prestigious  GOLDEN MOOSE WARD   Never mind no one else entered , in fairness No award should be given out  let alone  to a mediocre 2 boat   putt putt VIDEO

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      WE  THE GENTLEMEN SAILORS  arrived at the pontoon at 10  and it was drenching rain  with winds out of this world  and as a collective we decided the winds would lay us over more times than standing and with the rain it was an obvious no go  as tough as we are were also sensible another factor was young capt Pete is not in the best of health so there ya go   the floaters exhibited outstand wisdom  with sympathy  as a collective unlike the wheel chair mob  who arrived very early before the rain started because 1/ they soiled their diapers    or   2/  their wake up meds kicked in    no more needs to be said

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        “Drenching rain”, What rain? it’s not raining in my video. (and remember if it’s not on video it didn’t happen)

        “Winds out of this world ” again look at that little dingy sailing beautifully in the gentle conditions.

        “GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD”, You have to get out of the car and take some footage to be in the running.

        As I said originally       —–   SOFT   —–

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