RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 8th May, 2021

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      My video of the day,

      Sorry Moose you didn’t win the Mars Bar!

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      WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN AN invitation to the wheel chair mob to come and sail real boats was rejected with aggression by their leader   (of sorts ) coming up the canal full bore  with the intension of creating havoc with his wake and deliberate steering of his blue target boat into a peaceful fleet sailing with a light to fair wind  What dear viewers you don’t see IN HIS very heavily EDITED video is the partial sinking of several small sailing vessels due to deliberately  (and with malice ) speeding into several vessels peacefully going about there pleasure thus causing water to go inside the hatches  fuzzing  out the servos and other electrical items on these little boats the bigger YACHTS endeavoured to keep this  unprovoked attack  from sending boats to Davey jones locker DID by steering towards the  powerful brute of a boat  endeavouring to stop the onslaught and carnage and some what successful he did scurry back  to the white cane mob  it is fortunate that the members   of the  muddlers group  don’t or cant see the television videos for I’m sure he would be disposed as the top hornicho of that said group We on the other hand still extend the olive branch to the dear ol  foke that can wheel their chairs up to the sunny end ….(however only if their accompanied by their parents )  PEACE IN OUT TIME can be achieved with a hand written note  with the promise of no aggression towards our defenceless platform and fleet   Respectfully  The floaters …PS  I HAVE DELETED THE MORE aggressive actions of UNCLE Gs  in the interest  of our groups health and mental state

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        We have two videos from two different angles, and not one piece of actual footage showing my poor defenceless camera boat touching another boat, only lots of miserable failed attempts to ram me. (especially by a large slimy green coloured yacht)

        Also my video didn’t need a fake audience applauding to try and create something that didn’t happen.

        I didn’t put on any background music on my video so as you can hear what really was being said by the “BLOATERS” as they tried unsuccessfully to sink me time after time.

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      Now three videos, only contact is between yachts and the big slimy green thing getting stuck in the mud?

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      DEAR MR UNCLE G  CRY WOL;F AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH PREDATORS VIDEO HAS JUST RAMED THE LAST NAIL IN YOUR COFFIN  in the slow mo section you can easily see your boat attempting to ram only by skilful sailing did predator escape by mm after that your futile attempts to ram others were easily seen as for my boat getting stuck in the mud  Nope  she’s at anchor  .as for trying to ram you that’s laugher able sail over speed boat  get real .just say sorry  its easy

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      That’s ok uncle G I will go and buy my own and enjoy it

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      Hey Kermit,how is Lauderdale canal at Sandford.Just asking

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      wicky dear boy  the canal is littered with dead boats ..why you might ask  The answer is ….UNCLE G…  his constant aggression towards our peaceful sail boats is out of this world  why he dislikes them I don’t know   it doesn’t seem to be directed at any one in particular   but we have to be on the defensive every time he races up the canal to us….. Predator was nearly sunk as his video shows  I had to edit my effort as it contained so much violence and I don’t want our lot forming into a lynch mob we may have to sit down with him and thrash out some other way he can release his pent up anger issues  between you an I young wicky  I think we should get a few bob in and send him out to Glenorchy you would know the area I’m talkin about  wink wink   IF your not using your VIP card for that establishment  in the next week we might borrow it if that’s ok     WELL THATS ABOUT IT THEN COBBER  ……………………just say’n

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