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      Beautiful day fair to light winds an a high tide  perfect   Four today enjoyed the day with no brake downs made it even better  Mr moose wasn’t going to stay but every thing got to him an he sailed and sailed  his legs were hurting but he was there controller in hand rope tied to his legs and waist then to the pontoon  (so he couldn’t fall over )  he stayed an sailed   we had kayaks’ paddling away  an yachts chasing them  we had female joggers  an male ones for bull dog  we also had visitors from the main land come and have a chat  as Mr moose didn’t have his  portable fpost machine with him we all sailed free the sailors today were Bull Dog Barrett Mr moose Capt Pugwash an me   With blue and red  lines appearing on the moose’s legs  we decided not to have our usual BBQ  but to call the ambulance  and leave  an we did …….. so our fun filled day was complete  Moose had a ride in a red and blue flashing ambulance we chased canoeist’s an we all perved on the joggers  hoo rah





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