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      NOT REALLY BUT WE SOMETIMES CALL OURSELFS GIRLS BECAUSE  WE GIGGLE AT OTHERS WHEN THEY run aground  or sink  tell untruths …to a degree  and that is where it ends  except for Moose who wears frillie nickers   but today there was solidarity  because real men sail in bad conditions an we were in bad conditions at times today   we were short on top of the line sailors with predator away camping and what’s his name …….Pete  not around   so we five did our thing anyway  twas a queer ol day no wind / light wind / gusts an flamin great gusts that lifted boats to a height of 5 ft swung em around and delivered them to the water unharmed  but by on large the weather  was fair to us  the moose had his 65 out the bank manager (Ron) had his 95 Not out but had a loan of Dave’s 65….  Dave with his mighty 95 screaming through the water I had the phantom out an in an out an in  and as a bonus  we had bad angel there  with his 65  for a tad  he sailed with a Not repaired mast Not repaired boom vang   but for a while it worked  that’s all that matters ay  Uncle G  did his power boat thing with a run around of the boats  before toddling off to film the  wheel chair group at the old folks end of the canal…..  bless them   At 12 the usual occurred  BBQ time  Moose had to leave and so did Dave  only because his missus left the stove on an she was away  leaving us three to woffle on…… to eat and solve the worlds problems   now the down side No picture they were taken but the site is buggared for photos  they have to go through a process I don’t have yet  so just sit back imagine sailing with us and don’t let the moooses frilly nickers put you off




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      Well reported Kermit, and what…no photos bummer and I cooked the best egg/sausage burger ever, never mind next time… 😎

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        The only time there are no pics is when Kermit posts them, haven’t quite worked out what he does yet but its easy to fix (BUT NOT FROM THE HENTY RIVER – NO PHONE / INTERNET COVERAGE). Well actually there is one spot, right on top of the biggest sand dune but you need to stand on one leg & bare your butt to the moon to keep the connection working.

        anyway all good now.

        BA, I was looking for the pics of your great egg/sausage burger but it appears as if there are none.

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      THANK YOU UNCLE G  shame about the moose on the hard ay

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      There’s always photo’s

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