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      It was another day of fun & frivolity @ the field today with 8 hardy pilots in attendance on what ended up being a rather windy pre Christmas Fly Day.

      Everyone took it in their stride though and everyone (except perhaps Ian) had a fly or three.

      Moose was keen to try out his recently purchased Razor glider, with some coaxing from Gerald, the Moose had several uneventful flights.

      Ron had Neil on the Buddy Box, first on Neil’s Bixler lookalike & then on his Tundra. Must say the Tundra flight seemed to go much smoother.

      Gerald flew his wing, Kermit his FunCub (among other trials), Chris, as usual, had several planes in the air today including the EDF A10 Warthog & his Eyas Eagle.

      I started the day with the “BumbleBee” glider, then the Eyas “Li’l Eagle” & finished the day with the Bix II Sport.

      We were even lucky enough to get a visit from Santa (humping riding Rudolf), unfortunately he didn’t have his sack of goodies with him but at least he did provide the BBQ for lunch.

      There is a possibility of one final Fly-In before Christmas (most likely next Wednesday) and for the first time since Covid lockdown we will be returning to our old Flying Field @ the old Sandford Rifle Range.  The fresh crop of hay has now been mown & bailed & according to Farmer Greg, the field is nice & smooth & ready for our return.

      Pics & videos to follow

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        Another fine video production Mr Kermit. Plenty of “Soft Focus” to add to the drama.

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      A great day was had by all including Santa and his dear

      Close shave it was not it was a reflect tester and all passed with flying colours.

      hopefully our future flying will be without long grass.

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      Yes indeed, a great fun day marred by a problem with the Big Bird.  I have since discovered that the Zohd stabiliser is not compatible with all ESC’s, so I’ll do some more experimenting. Watch this space!    Thanks to Kermit and Rudolf for the live entertainment, great talent from both……but where is Miss Piggy?

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