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      Five of us turned out today for a nice fly, being Moose, Mike, Kermit, Gerald and myself. It was calm until an early sebreeze kicked in by 11:30 so we had an early lunch. I pranged my Autogyro again. It loses lift when banking. Here is footage of my Eagles Eyas after it was rebuilt after its crash into the mud last time.



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      Yes a pretty nice day for our final fly before Christmas 2021.

      The late morning wind was a bit of an issue but we all needed to clear the skies when the Water Bombing chopper turned up to quash a small bushfire, on the property next door, that was getting out of hand with that southerly wind.

      Other than Moose having a programming issue with his Razor (now fixed) and Hoppy pranging his Auto Gyro the day went of pretty smoothly.

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      The Moose wishes every one a Happy Christmas and A great New Year

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        Thanks Mr Moose & the same to you & Judy.

        Stay Covid Safe.

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      Great video’s, Merry Christmas to all!

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      yep excellent videos  it was a fantastic day to end the years flying by now the rest of the motley crew will be peeved  after seeing the choppr so close  doimg its thing  to bad you werent there UNCLE G  OHHHHH wait…… were there opps sorry  no video so I forgot you were there  I  must have been having so much unmolested fun from you that I forgot you were there  WOW

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      Must agree Great videos  see you all next year

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      Came across this picture of Kemits relatives. Looks like there in a bit of hot water !!

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        ho ho ho well done young ANDREW

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        Kermits relatives on the Cane Toad side

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      Here is one for Moose


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        NOT QUITE RIGHT THERE but at least your thinking about him

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      Good one Preditor

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