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      A bit of today’s video from the Insta360 One X2 camera, firstly onboard my A Class “Kristy-Lee” then on the selfie stick to see what it can do.

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      YES FRIENDS IT was the predators birthday  an he sailed like he was a teenager  with a memory of a not so young fella  why’s that you ask …… cos he forgot to press a button on his camera the right way an all he got from his birthday sail was a still  photo  arhhhh   but lesson learnt  he has applied to top gun video class to perfect the camera button press  No charge  but conditions apply    big bad Dave found a safe anchorage for a breather unfortinually  the wind picked up and he found himself on the hard   I had a break on a connector for the winch main sail  but as an experienced sailor  I brought my vessel into port with no problems  china had a fantastic sail all day wonderful to watch this skilled mariner do his thing  captain Pete again showed how to sail a 65 winning all the races……. if we had  raced  … so there ya have it  a perfect sail day                 No rules applied  as we don’t have any  Opps predator did in fact get some video  WELL DONE birthday boy

      PREDATOR AND I SAILED DOWN TO THE WHEELCHAIR MOBs  site but no one was home  Were they kept in or was it a bingo day ?


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        Thank you for your somewhat accurate report on today’s proceedings Mr Kermit.

        Never one to let a mishap/mistake/accident go unheralded eh?

        I did manage a few minutes of video, why it changed to photo mode mid sail I have no idea but I have now locked the setting screen for the future just in case.

        I have another video in edit mode so it will be up a bit later.

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      Today was a windy but warm day
      Persons who attended were
      (Bill / scott / Wayne / bob  / Stuart / Kerry / Gary & Pauline)
      Bill first on water with his Fiberglass tunnel hull
      Powered by 540 brushed it went real good
      Then Scott mono brushless outboard
      Then Wayne and a true scale boat with his fishing boat Enterprise
      Then Stuart tryed his little Chris craft
      Which went well he says and not super rough conditions but he says no water
      Stuart also then used his little orange cruser
      But broke a steering Servo so it was cut short on being used
      Kerry used his black air boat which worked well in windy conditions although wind seemed to be easing and the direction of wind was not blowing down canal more of a north easterly
      Then a chat of the group in carpark
      And a notable exception was Gerald
      Who was rung to see if he ok
      Sniffles was his excuse although on the phone it was suggested it could be syphilis and that Kenny of South Park had died from that
      Gerald was not happy as it made him laugh and started coughing
      Anyway everyone left by 11 Ish
      And all agreed that forecasted weather had not arrived
      PS committee meeting on tides
      We are wondering if it’s this years tide book
      As it was a high tide at 9 o’clock on
      And the dreaded weed was not about
      Thanks Scott
      Your intrepid trainee newsletter reporter


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        Thank you Scott for stepping in to the very big shoes of your normal reporter Sinker in his hour of need.  Seems to be stretching out this “Man Flu” for all it’s worth.  Just so long as it’s not Covid !!

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      Happy birthday predator

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        Thanks Scott. A mighty fine day all round and nice to know that turning 70 didn’t cause anything to fall off (nautical term)

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      How nice was that, dear ol fruit loop with a perfect description on their days putt putting Now the sinker how bad is he really  I did get a quote from the funeral place as promised but if I told the boy the price  it would for sure send him off the edge  an as a new best mate  I best look after him  ……MORE SOUP  SINK ?

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      Firstly, Happy birthday Mike. Good to see you running around today with your stick in hand?

      And no Mike not covid, just Man Flu, feeling much better just got to get rid of the cough!

      Next, What a great accurate (Except the part about me) and informative report by our new publicity officer Scott. (Some photos would have been nice?)

      Lastly, Kermit, a much better video today, better length and no ducks! Only fell asleep twice.

      Also, thanks for the soup the other day, but I was expecting something a bit more homemade and warmer.

      Don’t forget tomorrow is Sunday so I am expecting a Sunday roast delivered by airmail.


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      Happy Birthday Mike!

      You seem to be enjoying your no-fly occupation, in spite of your mocking from our mutual Green friend…..Hallo Kermit!

      Can anyone read black on blue? Or is it just Me that can’t?

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        To which Black on Blue do you refer Ian ?  If you can be more specific I can look at altering it perhaps.

        Also, calendar is up for flying this coming Wednesday just in case you missed it.

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      Hi Mike! Hello Kermit, oh noble one!

      Mike a good example is between this window and Kermit’s message… I cannot decode that, but text that turns red is easy.


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        Ian, I have sent a message to your email address with screen shots of both the PC & Mobile phone.

        Can’t see any black on blue at this end.


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      Happy belated Birthday Pred. Looks like you had some ideal weather for such a momentous event! Must catch up with you old salts again soon! 🍻

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        Thanks Admiral. With the weather finally warming I’ll be back at the Duck soon.

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          Looking forward to it. Your camera is a nice piece of kit. ✅🙂

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