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      With Autumn here & winter fast approaching its time to start thinking about a winter rebuild project.

      My Archer 650 – 6.5M Offshore has been sitting around gathering dust since I stripped it down to paint two years ago.

      As most will remember the original build had the boat equipped with twin outboard motors powered with big Axial Rock Crawler brushed motors. It went well and looked great but there was never ending maintenance required on the Outboards due to running in & cooling with salt water.


      The second rebuild saw it equipped with twin inboard motors (same as above) but still salt water cooled. This went well and required only a flush of the cooling system with fresh water after every use to keep it all working. Even though this arrangement was a bit heavy on batteries I intended to stay with it and to that end the boat was stripped down for painting & finishing.


      More Archer 650 build pics here

      Before I got around to it the Aquacraft Rescue 17 came along and when upgrading that (with grateful input from UncleG), I opted for an air cooled brushless motor & ESC, which works a treat and uses a lot less power.


      To that end I have ordered two more of the Turnigy D3548/6 790kv motors & two HK 2s-4s-60A (w/reverse) air cooled ESC’s. May need to modify the motor mounting tray slightly but that shouldn’t be an issue with the 3D printer on hand to manufacture whatever is needed.

      More to follow.


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      Gee, its 4 years since I started the refit on the Scale model Archer 6.5M Offshore.

      All the upgrade bits have been laying around gathering dust for a long time so I guess this will be the next cab off the rank after the “Badger” (Mt Gay 30) is finished.

      At this rate I’ll be dead & buried before I get back to the half finished A Class Wizzle Wozzle.  My how time does fly.

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        Uncle G

        You can’ rush these things Mike!

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      Your doing a great job Pred. Even if some projects are on the back burner you are well occupied with your current toys. I have lost all interest in my hobbies over the past few years, hopefully I will get back into it sometime. You guys seen the sun lately. Been a pretty miserable winter over here. Granted  probably more like summer to some in the world but unusual for over here. Have followed this project since its inception on SS and now this forum, look forward to the next chapter.

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