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      Well about time for something a bit different so Chris (Hoppy), Linal (Kermit) & Mike (Predator) are building Paramotors in one form or another.

      Chris & I have gone for a 3D printed motor to start off with whilst Kermit has jumped in boots & all and is building an RC manikin (12″ GI Joe type) to pilot his.

      All 3 are based on the HobbyKing parafoil that is currently selling in the AU warehouse for $26.00.

      My first attempt is finished and ready for flight testing, Chris should finish his over the weekend & Kermit is still waiting for his bits to arrive from downtown China.

      A couple of pics;

      Parts straight off the 3D printer


      Just as well I got a big printer (220mm Propguard


      How it all fits together


      Lots & Lots of control lines


      Sort of how it should look when airborne


      All packed up ready to go flying !!

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