RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Predators Sky Climber rebuild


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      Seeing as it is such a miserable day I decided that it is perfect for rebuilding Moose’s old SkyClimber. The SkyClimber flew extremely well with the NineEagles stabiliser system WHEN it was calibrated & functioning correctly but this was very hit and miss and the poor old glider had more than her fair share of nose dives into Terra Firma.

      The intention is to strip it down completely, get rid of the Nine Eagles stabiliser/receiver, straighten out the bent nose section as much as possible then rebuild it with an X8R Taranis Rx and FY-41APLite AutoPilot/stabiliser.

      How it was when I received it.


      After removing all the tape & decals the wings are finally detached from the body


      Before Repair


      After Hot Water treatment


      X8R receiver installed in lower hatch

      Twin Antennas installed @ right angles to each other


      FY-41AP Lite autopilot/stabiliser on anti vibration mounts with styrene plate fixed with Velcro to plane


      Mounted into plane ready for wiring


      GPS Antenna module on top of fuselage @ roughly COG

      Not bad for day one, the Rx has been programmed & bound, the AP wired & tested and all servos tested.

      Just need to install the power module & Air Flow sensor then tidy up the wiring and finish programming the AP but that can wait for tomorrow.

      Pitot tube installed for Air Speed Sensor


      Auto Pilot wiring installed & tested


      All starts to look a bit tight once the ESC & Power Module are fitted but by mounting where they are the COG is correct & adjustable between 65mm & 70mm from wing leading edge. Adjustment achievable by small relocation of battery on its mount, no additional ballast required.


      Close up of power module showing Velcro mount to internal top of fuselage


      The Sky Climber ready for her next test flight


      All control surface functions have been tested along with the full functionality of the FY-41AP Lite Auto Pilot.

      All is ready to soar (hopefully)

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