RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 02/08/2022


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      The ‘Duckers had plenty of fun today with too much and too little wind, sometimes both at once! Big swings in direction all over the course and a general lightening off around race five also saw a rig change for a number of skippers.

      Big improver today is our Hobart Chinaman #81 as those ‘secret sessions’ begin to pay off. Best result a well sailed third in race five. Good work David.

      Bit of a kangaroo day for Bloody Geoff #80 although he still managed two podiums for the morning. Tangling with the Smiling Assassin #32 was never going to end well however, today these two got to know each other better and thankfully no buoys were harmed.

      Our Ronnie #164 worked hard to find the back of the fleet this morning except for a moment of weakness in race five where he finished on the podium.

      Great to see Graeme RG#52 back on the water again and making an impact in race four with an outright win. Also wonderful to have our Sue back in the chair doing a fantastic job scoring for us as always.

      Lisa (aka ‘Switch’) #35 was back with us and sailing consistent as always. Her four thirds, a second and a first for the day was made ever more remarkable by how much tape now  holds that poor V1 together.

      From a win in the first, poor Admiral #23 steadily went bad until a rig change after race five revived his prospects, taking him to two more podiums before stumps.

      With three wins each, Scrooge RG#08 and Trout #11 battled it out at the pointy end all morning. Both changed rigs after conditions lightened off in race five whereafter Stuart managed to grab podiums for the last four races. On a difficult day both skippers excelled in reading the conditions and sailing well.

      Congratulations to you both and to all skippers who came along and enjoyed the fun today.

      Special thanks to Sue for scoring. Ron for logistics and Mike for web publishing.

      Next 65 day will see numbers 4 & 5 buoys moved closer to the North Eastern end of the pond. A couple of skippers turning up earlier than normal to help carry out this work would be appreciated.

      Unkind souls might say moving the buoys closer is to compensate for poor eyesight possessed by the ‘Duckers. Might be something in that but most of our raftups and collisions do occur at 4 & 5 and that distracts from the otherwise fun outing we all come along to enjoy.

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        Sounds like a great day was had at the duck, looking forward to catching up with all soon.

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          Glad you made it though your big life moment Fab, we look forward to sailing with you again soon.

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            did fab get married ?…..      big life moment ……or devorced …just askin

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        Very interested to note that the order of finishers changes once the RG65’s are separated from the fleet. (Ron beats Dave with fleets separated but Dave beats Ron when all together.) Didn’t think that would happen but the sheet is working quite correctly. Sounds like a good day!

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          Yes the sheet is working well thanks Shorty for devising it and making it available.
          We have a wonderful group possessing many diverse talents here. Thanks to all for their contributions.

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          Hi Shorty,

          I have seen the orders change before on the score sheet when the classes are separated.


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        Hi All,

        Just a note of request, do any of our members have a spare Joysway DF95 Switch connection. Hobby Warehouse unsure when available, have ordered 2 from UK.

        Cheers Trout

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        If you don’t have any luck, what about this switch at Jaycar?  It would need the wires soldered onto it though.





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          Oh, it would also need a hole drilled for the on/off rod to go through.

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        yep I have a spare  ONE HOW YA GUNNA GET IT

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        Thank you for the offer, fortunate that Uncle G had a switch this morning at Forcett Lakes.
        Cheers Trout

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        OH dear you got a switch from the sinker  …….thats  gunna cost ya forever an ever an purhaps your first chld

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