RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 PUDDLE DUCK QUACKERS GONE

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      Great work, thanks Kermit.

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      Nice Kermit, but I do miss the soft focus special effects?

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      Well Mr uncle g  I had that all to my self  The water light was reflected at me under the view finder  so I had a bit of work cutting my readjustments  movement out  there was a few I didn’t get out though  SO NEXT TIME  as a gift to you I will leave them in   OK

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      Big improvement in your camera work Kermit! Well done!

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      OHHHH SOOOO  MY videos in the past were absolute crap / rubbish useless .waste of time  an what hurts the most  is you didn’t say so to me …. consequently  after my mental brake down  I have resolved to stop crying  and trembling  and go to TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  and enroll in its first class video work shops  and learn how  to produce a better video  so my ADMIRAL will be proud of me   as that is sooo important to me    YOU DEAR ADMIRAL  are now almost forgotten as a former leader of our group but I will always remember you dear  dear fred     REGARDS  kermit la frog

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      You crack me up as always dear friend 🤣

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