RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 22.1.19

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      Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 22.1.19

      What was forecast as a tropical heatwave thankfully never eventuated as the soft, though variable Southerly breezes kept the ‘Duck and  its 10 skippers cool and comfortable all day.

      The Merry Men sailed from under the covered deck, whilst out on the course the evil weed was increasingly becoming a problem, snaring any unsuspecting wee Dragons that just happen to passing by.

      The course was first shortened, then shortened again as the extent of the weed invasion became apparent.

      Kyle’s informative session on DF65 Setup was well attended and received. Immediately following this all boats were setup with the same measurements prior to launching.

      Some found that the settings they were using previously were much amiss of recommended and once on the water the previous difference in fleet boat speed disappeared.

      What we have learned through this information sharing is that when fleet speeds are levelled it’s then down to the skipper to win races, not boats or deep pockets.

      Needless to say the day’s racing was hotly contested and thus very enjoyable.


      Dave W #48 came but left again almost immediately as the smoke haze from many fires around Tasmania was having an adverse effect on his breathing. Hope we can see the flying custard in action again soon mate.

      John #62 only participated in a few races but did very well in them. Promise of things to come?

      Great to see our Bendigo mate Greg (aka Bones)#98 here again this week. Always a good club man and great company, we are hoping to steal him away from Bendigo permanently!

      After quite a few mid-field finishes today Don #99 hasn’t yet shown the good form he finished 2018 with yet, but watch this space.

      After a slow start, Tony #32 was looking a real threat by race four after taking a second there  and then a first place in race six. A DNF in race nine plus his slow early form stopped him from being in podium contention.

      The green machine Kermit #82 was at the pointy end most races. His good, but late run of form finally rewarded by a first place in the last race of the day.

      Geoff #80 scored two firsts today but unfortunately wasn’t able to maintain that momentum. To be fair Geoff got unlucky with a few racing incidents, putting him only just out of podium contention.

      Pete #78 (aka Pink Bits), was almost unstoppable today with fantastic form in most races. A first, three seconds and one third is fair indication that the Kyle tuning session had an immediate beneficial effect on Pete’s performance.

      Despite his second place on the day, Col’s #23 luck was in the toilet. Weed, aground on the far bank and then snagged under the deck was only made worse by being attacked by a Duck as he lay under the deck, almost in the water reaching for his trapped boat.

      Despite a pair of last finishes in races four and five the day belonged to Mr Consistency, our very own video man, Mike #64.

      Mike’s excellent sailing and consistent finishes today earned him a well deserved first place. Congratulations Mike.

      After Eleven races with two drops the final results were:

      Greg on 61 points, Don on 58, Tony on 38, Kermit on 33, Pete on 30, Col on 23 and our winner Mike on 22 points.

      Congratulations everyone and thanks for a great day’s sailing. Next week we wake the sleeping Dragon 95’s from their slumber and put them to work @ the Duck.

      Video and Photo credits to Viper Racing Tasmania (Mike).

      more photos here

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