RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 01/12/2020


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      For a day that didn’t look too hot on paper it turned out to be scorching on the water.

      Despite the impending weather nastiness, da Duck turned on another cracker for the faithful 10 who came out to play anyway, having a ball in the process.

      An even split in the fleet between B & A Rigs was bound to prove interesting given the forecast and we didn’t have to wait long either.

      By the end of race two, the light 5-10 knot Northerlies favouring the A’s quickly evaporated as the breeze turned NW and strengthened and it quickly became B Rigs flying and A Rigs burying.

      Joining the Merry Men today was David P who is still waiting for his long ago ordered 95 to appear! David scored all six races for us today and did a great job too, thank you.

      Kermit #82 also came along for a sail and in between took some awesome video. Despite only sailing two races he still, (much to his dismay) finished ninth overall due to our media/PRO score compensation system. Thanks Kermit.

      John M #168 came along to get some more experience and further familiarise himself with his new purchase. Was proud of our guys today for helping John out with setup issues and advice. It is what we do.

      Abigail #96 graced us with her presence today, though her unbridled passion for buoys was a little embarrassing. Despite this Mike brought her wild impulses under control long enough to claim a pair of podiums in races two and three.

      I feel our Don #99 is about to break his “no fiddling” rule very soon. The unflappable one took a hit to his good run of recent finishes today. Vicious rumour circulating is that bags of sand might offer a clue.

      Another to be missing his mojo was Peter S #135. Usually a solid performer, our Peter succumbed to the dreaded fiddle folly and  was unable to coax the dayglow demon any higher than sixth place overall this morning.

      Our Justin #61 had a fairly solid morning which included two consecutive first place finishes in races four and five. The Saint did have a forgettable race three which unfortunately tarnished his good form, landing him fifth overall for the morning.

      Am proud to say our handicap system is settling down into a fair and equitable piece of work as evidenced today by three of the top four finishers separated only by a single point.

      Bloody Geoff #79 was the quiet achiever today. Sailing well using consistency, making sound decisions and staying out of trouble helped him claim fourth overall.

      Apart from a weedy last place in race two, the Admiral #72 never fell below a third for the rest of the morning. A very satisfying day full of hot racing and close finishes placed him third overall.

      Maximising his considerable potential today was John S #74. Punting his new boat and no option of a B Rig didn’t hold back da Ducks newest star recruit from claiming second overall. The sudden knockdown gusts did him in a few times but despite that, Shorty still managed a very respectable second overall.

      No-one saw it coming but our Phil #261 today was loaded for bear and hungry for a win. Memories of recent average finishes were obliterated as the Smiling Assassin showed clever consistency and great decision making to claim the top dog trophy. Congratulations Phil, you are today’s well deserved winner.

      With the rain stopping play at six, no dropped races could be calculated.

      The final scores were:
      John M with 50 points, Kermit on 46, Mike on 43, Don on 40, Peter S with 37, Justin with 25, Geoff with 23, Col with 22, John S with 22 (countback) and our winner today Phil with just 18 points.

      Congratulations on another fine day of sailing @ da Duck gentlemen. Special thanks to David for scoring and Kermit for media.

      Words by the Admiral fun by everyone always.

      _________/)_/)/)/)__ /)________

      Couple of important messages to pass on.

      Our end of year Barbecue and last sail for the year is December 22nd. This is a ‘bring friends, family along with anything that floats and sails day”. This will be the final fun sail together for the year that may or may not involve racing of any kind.

      The sail will be followed by a barbecue in the usual place where all members, family and  friends are welcome to attend and join in the festivities.

      BYO fixings (meat, bread, salad etc) and purchase drinks through staff to celebrate yet another successful year @ da Duck and to show appreciation of our wonderful hosts who continue to look after us so well.

      Next week is Pocket Rocket time again, can’t wait! See you there.

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      I wish to make a protest on the scoring set up  I propose that the media person has the right to make the decision on his or her  scoring placement ” like ” if ya dont sail that’s a no score easy peasie  this business of giving a fella a head start of what ? 4 points just for taking pics isn’t fair to the others that are trying to get to the podium   SO COMON  give the poor newbees a chance   Respectfully  KERMIT LA FROG

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      Yes it was another mighty fine day of fun & frivolity out at The Duck today, thanks David for the scoring & thanks Kermit for the video.

      Note to Kermit, you only get an averaged score, equal to half the number of the fleet sailing, when doing Pro or Media duties so you only scored the average 5 (NOT 4) for your media stints so stop complaining. Not that it would have changed your ranking either way (we are a wakeup to you doing your best to keep your handicap @ 0)

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      As a outsider but knowing Kermit La frog very well.

      I thought the frog with his anti clutch come stabilizer come one and all the frog with his brilliant talent could have sailed and filmed at the same time and no doubt put himself further up the leader board

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      GENTLEMEN  all I WISH FOR IS THAT THE POOR NEWBEES  get a better rating for their effort than one who does nothing  but gets 5 points for it    soooo ifin you must give away points than make it  one point I could live with that  someone made the rule so just change it  to a fairer system for the newbees  an I  wouldn’t post  protests to defend the poor buggars  like john an david    End of Request  Kermit la frog

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        Nothing?? Dear Kermit, the media contribution you and others make to our band of Merry Men cannot be over estimated. Your weekly contribution to the illustration and memory of our little event, like others who do the same, is just enormous and highly valued.
        What Mike and I are telling you here is that as a ‘normal’ competitor who actively supports the group through taking pictures and video of a race or races, that you would be compensated for this by being granted an average score for those races or race you didn’t sail in. This is done to make it fairer for those who contribute to our group at the expense of not sailing, not as a penalty but a benefit.

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