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      Right from the get go I knew this was going to be a classic Duck Day.

      Sunny but not hot, gentle SW to NW breezes but not gusty and the pond once more full of water.

      A day full of good cheer, much leg pulling. laughter and with our handicapping system now fully mature, racing was very close all morning. The only wildcard today apart from ‘Duck Luck’ was the bits of floating weed freshly pulled up by the upwind ducks.

      New sailor Ian #16 launched his equally brand new boat. Ian is testament to Hobby Warehouse now being back to full service. Just three days from ordering his DF65 it was delivered and ready for assembly. His friend John also came along and discovered the fun of RC sailing by skippering Ian’s charge for some races.

      While Ian enjoyed instant online purchase satisfaction, our Ross #178 is still waiting for his to arrive. Something wrong there mate. In the meantime Pete once again generously loaned him his spare for the days sailing. With Pinky at his command, Ross’s second place in race six is a sure sign of good progress.

      Am happy to say an unsung hero of Puddleduck pond our Kermit #82 had a good day out.  After sailing four fine races he retired to capture the days action in video and stills for our post sailing pleasure. Through an as yet unexplained scoring glitch, he also captured his favourite last place spot.

      Bit of a mixed day for our Ron C #164 however podiums in both races four and eight were a cause for celebration and a good indicator of his excellent progress so far.

      Although the light winds and weed at times were for most somewhat troubling, our Don #99 aka enjoyed his day out regardless. The Unflappable One’ sailed well, claiming a podium in race five and a respectable seventh overall for the day.

      With three good podium finishes including one out right victory you could be forgiven for believing our Pete #78 was back to his winning ways however a string of eighth places and a DNF in race six put paid to any chance of that happening.

      Another good sailor out of luck today also was our Geoff #80. Bleeding handicap seconds from his recent successes, Bloody Geoff still managed three solid podium finishes for the morning to finish mid field for the day.

      Our Trout #11 was once more in the wars with his second hand boat. Despite a wonky rudder sidelining him for the last two races, this fine sailor still managed fourth overall for the day that included an outright victory in race five.

      Third place overall this week goes to the tenacious terrier of Puddleduck pond, our Ricky #92. Terrific sailing including two seconds, two thirds and a fourth was only half the story. His monumental battles with the Admiral were both excruciatingly intense and deeply satisfying.

      Close but no cigar, the Admiral #23 went agonisingly close to winning the day this morning. Perhaps missing the same buoy three times in three races might be a clue?

      Despite this the Admiral punted the Royal Barge into three outright victories and loved the close racing had by all.

      Sharing the same number of first places and final net score as the Admiral, our Graeme #52 took home the chocolates with a second placing finish breaking the tie.

      Who said nice guys always come last?

      Graeme certainly blew that one into the weeds today. Congratulations on a great days sail and a well deserved finish.

      After eight races with two drops the final points were:

      Kermit on 52 points, Ian on 51, Ross on 42, Ron C on 31, Don on 30, Pete on 26, Geoff on 25, Trout on 25 (countback), Ricky on 19, Col on 17 and our winner Graeme on 16 points.

      Special thank you to Sue for her solid scoring contribution, her observer John M and our major media sponsorship by Kermit of Toad Hall Productions Inc.

      Guests today include Geoff from Conningham plus friends of Ron C: Tim, Bear and foxy Roxy (the dog).

      Reminder to everyone that our annual Peter Smith Memorial regatta for DF65’s this year is being held on Saturday 6th of March at Puddleduck. A small entry fee covers a midday meal and bottomless cups of tea or coffee throughout the day. Racing is from 10am to 3pm with a meal break and trophy presentations following the final race and score tally.

      This is a fun event that celebrates our group and honours the wonderful support of our hosts at Puddleduck Vineyard.

      Pics by Kermit, words by the Admiral, fun inevitable.

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        Awesome vids Kermit 👍🏻👍🏻

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      Great day,leeches and all😁😁

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