RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 02.04.19

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      With a beautiful day overhead, a full pond in front of us and a good long course we four skippers wasted no time getting amongst it, slamming home eight races in a bit over an hour.

      Thanks go to our Tony who despite having a meeting later that morning, came out and officiated the first four races for us.

      The weather held nicely today however the wind became fickle at times forcing high concentration levels to be maintained.

      Rarely more than a few boat lengths apart at any time, the DF65 racing was as always  fast, furious and a load of fun.

      Don #99 thought he might gain an advantage by secretly slipping his DF95 into the race without anyone noticing. He was quickly unmasked and henceforth shamed into changing into a B Rig to even things up. This wasn’t too flash either as surprisingly, the A+ rigs on the DF65’s proved to be faster on most points. Our unflappable Don took it all in his stride, if perhaps over compensating a little by making his boat sail in circles for the rest of the day.

      Geoff #80 competed hard all day keeping the two front runners honest but other boat(s) just always seemed be in the road.

      Pete #78 officially joined the select few who take on a tacking duel with the fountain and lose! (Don, Mike, Kermit, Dave and Col have already blazed that trail).

      Tight doesn’t begin to describe how close the two quickest boats were today though.

      So tight in fact there wasn’t daylight between them heading into the last race. Pete (Pink Bits) #78 and Col (Black Heart) #23 ended up with identical points after the obligatory one race drop. With four firsts to Pete’s three, Col won the day by the slimmest of margins.

      After eight races with one drop the final scores were:

      Don on 23 points, Geoff on 18, Pete on 12 points (3 wins) and Col on 12 points (4 wins).

      Thanks to the Merry Men Of Puddleduck pond another great day was had by all.

      Our brothers Mike, John, Gerald and Kermit took advantage of the great weather to fly their model aeroplanes at the farm today.

      Hope you had a great day guys.

      What, you want photo’s too!! 🙄😉

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      A really enjoyable day of DF65 sailing at the ‘Duck. It doesn’t get too much better than today.

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      Gotta agree there, had to be on your toes with the rapid shifts in direction. Always a bit like that when from the North as the wind flows around the winery sheds and a few trees.

      Best directions are NE or SW as it then is unimpeded and flowing lengthways along the pond.

      Looking forward to next week as we should once again have a full compliment plus a couple of new people too.

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      Well today I had a smashing day sailing my aircraft for the first time ever  with 3 wins  with a figure eight multipliable times  a reverse approach with a flat turn on the dogleg  culminating with superb landings across the line to the applause of fellow flyers  who recognized an ace in their mist…. now some non aces will dispute this but don’t listen to them  I know better THE RESULTS of todays flying was…. Predator  with 20 points  (just because he was there ) John (predator junior)  with  19 /1/2 POINTS   fine show for this up and coming flyer   Ian ..our (entertainment officer) brilliant flyer with a lot of promise  as shown today with beautiful landings and approaches  16 points  Bad Angel … another fine flyer but out of luck on this day with  engine prop trouble  caused by a piece of wood … it getting in the way  but was consistent in his attempts to fly showing great perseverance 15 points  Uncle G  what an outstanding flyer this young fella is … what he can do with his Mavic  is a sight to behold  a true treat for fellow flyers to watch .. 10 points  and the winner is……….me      why ….because I wrote this

      A bit of video to prove it actually happened !!

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        I’ve added a short video to Kermit’s post, nothing great just some footage from the mobile phone just to show that Kermit DID actually fly Solo.

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      👍 good one Kermit!

      You can write the next race report after that effort!! 😉

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