RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 02.07.’19

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      As advertised, the closer to midday we got, the worse the weather deteriorated.

      Five hardy DF95 skippers turned up and in the beginning enjoyed the often fresh NNW 8-10 knot breeze. With everyone on A Rig, racing got underway on time and for the first four races it was most enjoyable.

      By the start of race five the expected NW front had came in and it became a mad scramble to change rigs. With the weather deteriorating further we managed a another two races before coffee time was called and all retired to the comfort of the lounge for chat and refreshment.

      Graham turned up with his RG65 and took her for a spin. With races underway he put his RG away and instead took up the pen to be our PRO for the morning.

      Don #99 sailed well but never really got up to the speeds we are used to seeing from him.

      His tangles with Kermit #82 were however classic.

      With similar speed they often arrived at marks together and it was a matter of luck, skill  and instinct as to who would round and finish first.

      Col #72’s boat got to see a lot of Gerald’s #02 stern, turning in four second places to his firsts before the rig change. Before the start of the next race, Col’s boat had its winch stop working and so retired. Gerald went on to win a further two races, despite his ever increasing time handicap.

      Congratulations Gerald you were unstoppable and definitely deserved to be our the winner today.

      After six races with no drop the results were:

      Don on 18 points, Kermit on 17, Col on 16 and Gerald on 8 points.

      Big thank you to Graham for volunteering as our PRO today who did a fantastic job.

      A chat to the management after coffee today produced the ok to put in some permanent marks instead of removing them each time.

      This will prove an advantage in setup time each race day and take some of the sole responsibility for their care and storage off Col’s shoulders.

      Also it was requested to use other days to sail there instead of just Tuesdays. This was met with complete approval and agreement, opening up this fantastic facility on other days for other classes and groups who might also like to sail there.

      More on this shortly.

      Next week it’s the pocket rockets return, the mighty DF65.

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      Sounds like the hardy crew that turned up despite the winter weather thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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      Where were the rest of the girls today  if its raining were inside if its windy were inside soooooo what’s going on girls  if as I suspect that your afraid to race against the green machine then that I can understand……….  your fear is justified as shown today with dear ol DON  yapping at my stern so often………….. I would relinquish my  humongous leads so as the boy wouldn’t get  to depressed being at the stern of the fleet so often. Now Graham caught on real quick  he saw that the mighty green machine was an animal that devoured little boats so he wisely removed himself from harms way real quick  a wise skipper indeed …….. as for UNCLE G   this young fella can go a long way  like staying at Lauderdale  canal  then there’s long tall  a Red boat to be feared by lesser skippers but not the green machine  who is waiting for the day ………………….like.when he’s not at the pond  seriously  I can beat them both  but I cant be bothered  repainting the boat  because of the speed generated by  the g machine through the water it just peels back the paint after I let her loose  and that upsets the other skippers having to sail through the paint debris so I don’t do it  …..its a sacrifice I’m prepared to make every now an then  oh an the rumour circulating as to why  predator and pinki wouldn’t be sailing today  is true……   fear……     fear of the green machine is a wonderful thing  when its a reality….AN IT IS

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